March 30, 2020

The benefits of ply-lining your van

Mercedes Vito

Buying a new van is an investment for your business so naturally there are lots of questions to ask when choosing your brand new workhorse. Do you go for a large van, medium vanor small van? Do you need to carry a lot of weight? What engine, spec and trim do you need? You may be forgiven for forgetting the most crucial aspect of maintaining the condition and value of your new van – ply-lining!

Why do I need ply-lining on my van?

It may seem strange to consider strapping plywood to the inside of your van but the benefits of having it installed will be appreciated several years down the line, especially if you carry a lot of heavy materials and tools. Ply-lining is beneficial in protecting your cargo area from scratches, rust and dents that may devalue your van. The nature of your trade will generally dictate how much ply-lining you need and the thickness of the plywood. For any heavy duty work, a full ply-lined van will serve you well. For the lighter jobs, the cargo floor, sides and doors may only need to be done. Be mindful of how much the ply-lining affects the final payload of your van too.

Another added benefit of Ply-Lining is that it gives your van a furnished and professional finish. It will protect your cargo from the inevitable bumps and scratches from everyday use and it will also hold a better resale value should you sell your van on.

Vansdirect offers ply-lining services with your new van so ask us about our extras when making your order. As well as ply-lining, Vansdirect can deliver your van with frails, towbars, beacons, ladders and much more. Just ask us and we’ll deliver the extras you need.

Ply-lined vans

Ply-lining can be applied to small vans such as the Citroen Berlingo to the biggest Ford Transits! Just call Vansdirect on 0800 169 6995 or enquire online to order your ply-lined brand new van today!