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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!
You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

Van Fleet Leasing - Business Van Lease Deals on Van Fleets

Let Vansdirect manage your Van fleet

Van fleet leasing is a commercial vehicle hire option, where businesses lease multiple vans that are essential in carrying out their core daily operations. Delivery companies, specialist trade companies, housing associations and local government and councils are just some of the types of organisations that benefit from van fleet leasing.

Whether you're a small start-up or you own a rapidly growing business or organisation, our fleet services ensure your company is always on the road, serving your customers. We supply any mix of van size or van type, in any quantity you need. You may have an ageing fleet of vans that needs replacing as each one comes to the end of its life or you may need multiple vans at once - just find the fleet leasing package that best suits you and your company!

Rest assured, no matter which van deals you'd like to add to your fleet, our unbeatable finance packages, flexible management, and dedicated van fleet team are always on hand to help.

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How is van fleet leasing convenient for my business?

Sourcing and managing a whole fleet of vans might seem daunting at first, but with van fleet leasing, you can run your vans for an affordable monthly cost.

You can not only spread the cost of the van fleet over many years, making it much more cost-effective to expand your business' operations, but van leasing also offers many tax benefits for businesses. VAT registered companies can claim back 100% of the VAT on vehicle payments and 100% of the VAT on maintenance costs if they are used purely for business purposes.

You also do not need to worry about reselling the fleet afterwards. Instead, you can return the vehicles and choose from our van deals for your next fleet

Many Van Fleet leasing deals also include van servicing and maintenance within the monthly cost, meaning you can plan your budget much more effectively. Speak to our industry experts who can help you to make informed choices about the right vans for you.

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What are the different types of van fleet financing available?

When considering whether to lease vans for your business, it can be tricky to understand which van finance option is best. But don't worry, Vansdirect is here to help!

Our team of fleet sales managers will find the most suitable van fleet finance product for your business.

Finance lease

Van leasing allows businesses to hire fleets of new vans, paying monthly rentals for the duration of the contract. At the end of the agreement, the business has the option to extend the lease or buy the vehicles outright.

Benefits of finance leasing:

  • Lower initial costs: vans on finance lease have a lower initial outlay compared to outright purchasing.
  • Fixed monthly payments: set payments help to make budgeting and financial planning more predictable.
  • Flexible options: at the end of the contract, businesses can pay the final balloon payment to keep the van or sell it, with the proceeds of the sale used to pay the final balloon payment, and upgrade to a new van on a new lease agreement.

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Contract hire

Contract hire involves a business hiring a van fleet for the length of an agreement (typically two to five years). The vehicles are always returned at the end of the contract, and there is no option to purchase. This is ideal for businesses that don't want to own the vans at the end.

Benefits of contract hire:

  • No depreciation risk: as the business will never own the vans, there is no need for concerns over the risk of depreciation.
  • Opportunity to upgrade: businesses are able to upgrade their fleet at the end of the contract to newer models.
  • Additional benefits: depending on the agreement, you can add servicing and maintenance contracts to help avoid any additional repair costs.

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Hire purchase

With a hire purchase agreement, the business pays an initial deposit, followed by monthly instalments. Once all payments have been made, the business owns the fleet of vehicles.

Benefits of hire purchase:

  • Flexible terms: businesses can choose their repayment terms, which allows for more straightforward budgeting.
  • No mileage restrictions: as the business owns the vans there are no restrictions on mileage. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses with high-mileage requirements.

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To find out more about van fleet financing get in touch with our customer services team today.

Which vans are available with van fleet leasing?

You can mix and match any commercial vehicle hire model in our range, building a business fleet that meets your exact needs.

For example, a courier service might need small vans for city centre deliveries, as well as large vans for those cross-country routes that need to prioritise cargo space. Just talk to our team of industry experts, who will calculate your running costs, emissions, delivery times, and prices, to find the best possible deal.

Browse our full range of new vans in stock to see how our fleet solutions can help your business.

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Why should I use the van fleet services of Vansdirect?

With Vansdirect, you can always count on a first-class fleet leasing experience. You can be fully assured of:

  • - A dedicated customer service team that's always on-hand to help
  • - Cost control and emission reductions that help keep more money in your pocket
  • - Vehicle tracking options that provide live updates on the locations of your van fleet
  • - Access to a wide range of vehicle accessories to customise your van fleet
  • - Access to a range of partners who can help with fuel cards
  • - Racking, livery and more

Want to find out even more about our fleet van leasing or just need some advice on your next vehicle purchase? Enquire with Vansdirect today to see how we can help you. You can also browse our affordable fleet van leasing deals, if you're ready to start adding to your business.

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Van Fleet Leasing FAQs

Are van lease payments tax deductible?

Yes, if your business is VAT registered, you can claim 100% of your monthly lease payments as a tax-deductible expense if the van is used solely for business use.

Is van leasing a good idea?

Van leasing is an excellent option for many businesses. Here are a few benefits that you can take advantage of:

  • -Fixed monthly costs - this makes budgeting simpler, as lease payments are consistent each month.
  • -New vans - leasing gives businesses access to new vans, typically covered by a manufacturer warranty. This reduces the risk of unexpected maintenance costs and downtime. Plus, it means your fleet is likely to have all the latest technology for a more comfortable and connected drive.
  • -No depreciation worries - handing the vehicle back at the end of the contract eliminates worries about depreciation.
Before entering into any financial agreement, it is important to consider all available options and assess their suitability for your business.

Am I eligible for van leasing finance?

You should be eligible to apply for a van leasing contract if you are registered as any of the following:

  • Limited company
  • Partnership
  • Sole trader
  • Limited liability partnership

How long is the van leasing period?

We offer flexible terms on our van leasing contracts, which you will agree to in advance. These usually range from two to five years. Chat with our leasing experts who can outline the available options, tailored to your business needs.

What types of vans are available to lease?

At Vansdirect, we have a wide range of vans to cater to various business needs. We offer models from leading manufacturers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Use our advanced search filters to find the perfect van for your business needs.

Can I end a van lease agreement early?

This is possible; however, you may be charged a fee for doing so. If you have any questions about ending your van lease agreement early, contact a member of our team who will be able to assist/p>