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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!
You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

A-Plan - Van insurance

Our chosen van insurance broker is A-Plan Insurance

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Why choose A-Plan for your van insurance?

A-Plan are insurance specialists, who assist motorists in obtaining the correct level of insurance. Their team of expert advisors understand the needs of van drivers. Their van insurance policies can be tailored to meet your requirements. Their goal is to save you time, money, and hassle when you take out an insurance policy for your van.

What does van insurance cover?

Van insurance provides financial protection against the risks associated with owning or operating a commercial vehicle. The areas typically covered include theft, vandalism, and damage.

There are three main levels of insurance cover:

  1. Comprehensives: This provides coverage for you, your van, your passengers, and your property. It extends to any third parties involved in an accident. It also safeguards your van from acts of vandalism and theft.
  2. Third party, fire, and theft: This handles expenses related to damage caused to property belonging to third parties due to your actions. It also offers security for your van in cases of theft or fire damage.
  3. Third party only: This policy covers your responsibility for injuries to others, as well as any harm to third-party property. It represents the legal minimum requirement for drivers in the UK.

The specific coverage you receive may vary depending on the policy you choose. To tailor a plan that suits your needs, simply discuss your requirements with A-Plan.

What level of van insurance should I get?

Depending on the purpose of your van's use, the level of van insurance you need will vary.

Private van insurance covers you for everyday social and recreational activities only. It does not cover you for business-related use.

Even if you use your van solely for commuting, it falls under the category of business use.

Commercial van insurance covers commuting to work and any other work-related purposes. There are three primary classifications of commercial van insurance:

  1. Carriage of own goods:This category applies to drivers carrying tools, materials, and equipment for their work.
  2. Carriage of goods for hire or reward: This covers delivery drivers who make multiple drop-offs to different addresses.
  3. Haulage: This type of policy covers deliveries of a single load to a distant drop-off point.

It's worth noting that policies for the 'carriage of goods for hire or reward' can sometimes overlap with 'haulage' policies. To ensure you have the correct level of coverage, we encourage you to discuss your specific requirements with the team at A-Plan.

What type of van insurance do I need?

The type of van insurance you need depends on several factors, including:

  • Your budget
  • Your van's value (including physical cost and business impact).
  • Your van's intended use
  • Your risk tolerance

Chat with the A-Plan team to ensure you get the right level of coverage for your needs.

What details do I need to get a good van insurance quote?

To provide your van insurance quote, A-Plan will require some information from you.

1. Personal details: Including your name, date of birth, address, driving history, and how long you have held your licence.

2. Van details: Such as the make, model, year of registration, type, value, annual mileage, and overnight parking location.

3. Driver details: Information about the van's drivers and their driving history.

A-Plan can provide you with quotes tailored to the level of coverage you need, based on the above information.

Van insurance FAQs

How much does van insurance cover cost?

The cost of van insurance varies depending on a number of factors. These may include:

  1. The make, model, age, type, annual mileage, and value of your van.
  2. The intended use of your van.
  3. The age and driving history of each person who will be driving the van.
  4. The level of cover required.
  5. The location where the van will be parked overnight.
Installing security devices such as alarms or immobilisers may lead to discounts on your insurance premium.

Why is van insurance so expensive?

Van insurance tends to be more costly than car insurance for several reasons. In the eyes of insurance providers, this is due to the higher risk of a claim. The following factors contribute to the higher cost:

  1. Vans are typically high-mileage vehicles, that spend a significant amount of time on the road.
  2. Vans are generally high value, resulting in more expensive repairs or replacements.
  3. Vans are often heavy and equipped with powerful engines.
  4. The nature of work involving vans, such as commercial use, is considered higher risk.
  5. Reduced visibility when driving due to solid sides and backs, can increase the likelihood of accidents.

Can I insure more than one van under the same van insurance policy?

Yes, a multi-van policy will allow you to cover a number of vans in a single policy. Just let the A-Plan team know if this is something you require when discussing your quote.

Can I add other drivers to my van insurance policy?

Yes, certainly. Just contact A-Plan and a member of their friendly team will be able to amend the policy accordingly.

Can I get a courtesy vehicle with van insurance?

Yes, many van insurance policies include a courtesy vehicle if your van is off the road. However, this depends on the specific policy and the insurance provider, so it's best to check this in advance if it's a feature you require.

What age restrictions are there on van insurance?

Age restrictions on van insurance can vary depending on the insurance provider and the type of van insurance policy. While most van insurance policies require drivers to be over the age of 21, some set the minimum age higher, at 25.

Drivers can generally expect the cost of insurance policies to decrease once they reach 25, or 30 in some cases.

What's the best insurance for a van?

This all depends on your specific needs and circumstances.

  1. If you're looking for the highest level of cover, you'll want to consider a 'comprehensive' insurance policy.
  2. If you're after mid-level cover, a 'third-party, fire, and theft' policy could be a good option.
  3. 'Third party only' is the most basic level of coverage required by law in the UK. This may be the option to choose for your business if you have older vans that are lower in value.
  4. If you're using your van for work purposes, you'll need to ensure that you opt for commercial van coverage.
  5. To get the right van insurance policy for your needs, speak to the expert team at A-Plan who can tailor a quote to match your requirements.

Who owns A-Plan insurance?

A-Plan is part of the Howden Group. They are one of the largest specialist insurance distribution groups in the UK.

How many A-Plan branches are there?

There are over 100 A-Plan branches across the UK. Visit your local branch or call the team on 03330 151 845 to discuss your insurance needs.