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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!
You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

Our van livery services

Your van is not just a tool for your business, but the face of your business.

It’s how customers will recognise you and make your services stand out on the road, so it’s also an important form of advertising.

You want your van to not only help you to get the job done, taking care of all your loading and transporting needs, but to represent your business.

That’s why at Vansdirect, we’re excited to offer van livery services in partnership with 3M Gold Select Graphic Partner Popin Graphics.

Whether it’s full or partial van wraps, sign writing, or high conspicuity marking materials like Chapter 8, we’ve got everything you need to make your new van look the part.

How do we do it? Whichever way you want!

Below, you’ll find all the services we offer and how to get started.

What kinds of van livery are available at Vansdirect?

Just as each business requires a different van type for a specific purpose, you’ll also require a livery that fits the needs of your business.

We offer a range of van livery services for new vans, including:

  • Full van wraps
  • Partial van wraps
  • Sign writing
  • High conspicuity markings

Depending on your business and van, you’ll require a certain kind of livery design which we’ll be happy to advise you on. Take a look at what each livery has to offer to decide which one is for you.

Full and partial van wraps

Using conformable vinyl wrapping material, this can be moulded to any part of your van to help give it a distinctive look.

This can be done fully or partially depending on your preferences. Whichever way you choose, you’ll receive high-quality printing and application - giving you a greater look for longer.

Your livery will be prepared in a thermally controlled, dust-free workshop and installed by experienced, industry-leading 3M Authorised installers. This ensures a pristine finish you’ll be proud to show off on the road.

Already have a design in mind you’d like to use? Great! Simply provide us with the assets and images of the existing vans and we can arrange this for you. We can also help to update this if you’re wanting a fresh look for your business.

Alternatively, if you’re unsure about the design, we’ll be happy to help. We offer a design service as well as creating the livery, so we can help kickstart the creative process with you!

Sign writing

Your work van is your mobile advertisement - it’s how potential customers will come across your services and what you have to offer while out and about.

Sign writing can be a great way to build awareness of your brand and get your business on a customer’s radar. Imagine a customer is out in their car and sees your van in front of them offering exactly the services they’re looking for!

Using high-quality vinyl, we can help make all the great parts of your business stand out, in a way that attracts and appeals to your customers.

High conspicuity markings

Sometimes, the right van livery is not just necessary for your business, but to also comply with regulations.

We can offer a selection of high conspicuity markings to help make your van stand out where required. These cater to a wide range of vehicles and their needs, including:

  • Emergency service vehicles
  • Highway vehicles in compliance with Chapter 8 of the Highway Code
  • Trucks and lorries in compliance with ECE104 regulations
  • Site & works vehicles

There are a range of coverages available from basic 50mm reflective tape to full, Diamond-Grade rear chevron kits and Battenberg.

We can provide a range of conspicuity tapes, homologated to ECE standards, with the compulsory ‘E-mark’ to meet regulations.

3M Diamond Grade Vehicle Marking Film Series 987 tapes are also available for curtain-sided vehicles. These come in yellow, white, and red to make vehicles brighter and more reflective.

We also offer 3M Diamond-Grade Reflective Sheeting with an assured seal to provide conspicuity markings for emergency service vehicles. These come in yellow, white, and red to make vehicles brighter and more reflective.

What do you get with a van livery service from Vansdirect?

At Vansdirect, we don’t just provide the perfect livery for your new van. With your purchase, you’ll also receive:

  • Industry-leading design service should you not have existing vehicle branding in place or you’re looking for an update.
  • 3M materials rated for 5-12 years depending on requirements.
  • 2-year installation guarantee
  • High-quality finish due to industry-leading 3M Authorised installers.

Livery or sign writing prepared before your van is delivered.

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