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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!
You won't get a better deal anywhere else!
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An award-winning van leasing broker, Vansdirect has been offering unmissable deals on new vans for sale since 1999. Whether you need a  small van for city centre deliveries or a large van to transport heavy equipment and tools, we will help you find a quality van for work and offer the best prices on new vans deals.

Rest assured, we stock new vans for sale from all the major manufacturers, including Ford,  Renault,  Mercedes, Citroen and Peugeot, with electric, pick up, and crew vans also available in our collection.

So, if you're looking for a  cheap new van deals, you've come to the right place!

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Van Fleets

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Servicing & Maintenance

Cover the costs of servicing, maintenance, and MOT testing for the duration of your contract with a maintenance package.

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Fleet deals

We offer a huge range of vehicles, with mixed van fleets from 10 to 100+ vehicles.

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Our specialist security and racking service keeps your van and equipment safe and secure in transit and when not in use.

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When you find a vehicle you like, we will quickly build a finance package that works for you.

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Contact one of our van experts to formalise a quote and apply for finance. Or start the finance application online!

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With finance approved, complete your order and sit back while we arrange for your new van to be delivered safely to your door.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between finance lease, contract hire and hire purchase?

With all our new van deals, there are three van finance options available to you: van leasing, contract hire, and hire purchase.

If you want a flexible payment schedule, the opportunity to recover VAT, and the ability to upgrade on your new van deal every few years, then opt for van leasing. You'll pay an initial rental, followed by monthly rentals for the agreed length of your contract. If you want to keep the van, you can then make a final balloon payment at the end of your contract - or it can be sold, with you collecting any available equity from the profits.

With contract hire new van deals, you will always return the van at the end of your contract. Again, you pay the initial rental and agree monthly instalments until the end of your term. Once the van has been returned, you have the option to browse other new vans for sale.

Hire purchase is the only way to own your van outright. You first pay a deposit on a new van deal, and then pay fixed monthly instalments for the duration of your agreement. Once the contract is up, the van is yours to keep.

What is a balloon payment?

A balloon payment is the final instalment of your van lease agreement, which confirms you own the vehicle outright, required at the end of your contract. This payment is used to reduce the monthly cost of new vans for sale and is equal to the van's predicted residual value (what the van is worth at the end of your contract, calculated based on age and projected mileage).

Are there mileage restrictions with new van deals?

In short, it depends on which van finance option you've chosen for your new van deal.

With a hire purchase agreement, there are no mileage restrictions as you will own the vehicle at the end of the contract.

For contract hire, your monthly instalments are calculated partly based on your mileage requirements for the new van deal. The higher your mileage cap, the higher your monthly payments.

If you opt for a van leasing agreement, the projected mileage is one element used to calculate your final balloon payment. This means that, if you go over the agreed mileage, the value of the van at the end of the agreement could be less than the balloon payment.

How much deposit do I need to pay on new vans for sale?

The size of your deposit or initial rental fee depends on the type of van finance you've agreed.

Hire purchase new van deals require a 20% deposit (equal to the VAT), which you can reclaim if you're VAT registered.

For both van leasing and contract hire, however, you must pay a minimum of three monthly rentals up front. If you pay a larger initial rental fee, then this will result in cheaper monthly payments on new van deals

To find out more about upfront costs, enquire about the new van deal that has caught your eye.

How long can I lease/hire a new van for?

Our contract terms range in length from two to five years, with our listed prices differing based on which van finance you want to use.

Contract hire estimates are based on a two year contract. Van leasing is based on four years, while hire purchase agreements are based on five year contracts.

Can I get van finance if I have bad credit?

For both business and private customers, all van finance agreements are subject to credit checks. To help work out your eligibility, finance companies will ask for the following:

  • - Three year address history
  • - One credit item from the past three year
  • - Full UK driving licence
  • - Proof of UK residency
  • - Proof of income
  • - Proof of no current CCJs or mortgage arrears
  • - Proof of positive trading (for business customers only)
  • - Director to sign as guarantor (for business customers only)

Can I get van finance if I'm a sole trader or new business?

Sole traders and new businesses also often ask if their status makes them ineligible for new van deals on finance. So, as long as you can provide the same documentation that you would for a credit check, there shouldn't be a problem with using finance to buy new vans for sale.

Can I get van finance if I'm not VAT registered?

Finally, a lot of our customers ask if not being VAT registered will disqualify them from van finance. Again, this won't affect eligibility, it just means you'll not realise the tax benefits of buying a new van for sale on finance that would come with being registered.

Does Vansdirect offer Van Fleet Leasing?

Yes, we do offer   van fleet leasing for businesses and corporations who want to massively upgrade their operations in one fell swoop. You can also enjoy the following advantages:

  • - Lower upfront costs, compared to purchasing vehicles outright
  • - Fixed monthly payments that make budgeting easier
  • - The option to pay for a maintenance contract, with a fixed monthly cost for all servicing and maintenance on your van fleet
  • - The ability to upgrade to new vans for sale, as newer, more efficient models become available
  • - Tax benefits for your business, with lease payments being tax-deductible

Representative Finance Example

Initial rental of £3,074.40 +VAT followed by 24 monthly rentals of £256.20 +VAT. Based on 5,000* miles per annum.
Business users only. *Excess mileage charge of 7p per mile. If you exceed this annual mileage then excess mileage charges will be applied by the finance provider at the end of the agreement should you choose to return the vehicle.