May 18, 2021

Renault Master vs. Ford Transit – What Are The Differences?

Ford Transit Renault Master

Is the Renault Master the same as a Ford Transit?                                  

Both Ford and Renault are known for making affordable vehicles that are well built and great to drive – when it comes to the Master and the Transit, you will experience nothing less. Be prepared to meet your perfect driving companion as the Master and Transit have been designed with comfort, space and practicality in mind to help you through your working day.

Each of these models are highly capable of doing their job and will assist you through your busy day with ease. The Transit is intelligent, versatile and is the toughest, most trusted Ford Transit van to date. Similarly, the Master is tough and assertive and ready to help you with any challenges you may face throughout your day.

Both vans provide reliability and practicality and would make the ideal work companion. With a range of engines to suit all budgets and jobs, alongside an array of dimensional specs, you’ll be able to find the perfect Master or Transit to suit you.

Here are some more specific similarities and differences between these vehicles:                                            

– Outside

The Master immediately distinguishes a more dynamic front-end, which features signature C-shaped lighting. The assertive design and bold styling give the Master a  professional look, combining both style and practicality. An elevated bonnet line, vertical front grille and the new ‘Urban Grey’ colour are just a few features of the revised styling. Available in three different body heights, you’ll be sure to find the commercial van to suit you.

The Transit’s exterior brings a fresh new look to the iconic Ford design. The front-end of the Transit has been designed with a three-bar signature grille, a stylish new bonnet and bumper and distinctive headlights with LED technology. Boasting a bold and confident look, the Ford Transit not only provides a powerful performance, but also holds a commanding stature.

– Inside

When buying a commercial vehicle, comfort and practicality are key factors to consider – luckily, both the Master and Transit hold both of these attributes.

The Renault Master cabin has been designed to provide the utmost comfort and practicality to assist professionals through their tough and busy days. A ‘Mobile Office’ on the go, the Master has been equipped with clever solutions that help you stay connected on the go.

The interior of the Transit has been intelligently crafted and features a new instrument panel that puts a range of advanced technologies right at the tips of your fingers. The transit will help you take even the most demanding work day in your stride. From ample storage space to a spacious cabin, the Transit will provide you and any other passengers with ultimate comfort throughout your working day.

– Spec, weight, dimensions etc.

Despite having quite similar exterior dimensions, the largest Master (the Long Overhang version) actually offers an impressive 17 metres of load volume versus the Transit’s 15.1.

Although both vans offer you a range of generous max loading height options, the tallest Master variant offers 2,144mm of load height over the Transit’s highest load height of 2,125mm. In terms of wheelbase length, the longest Transit van available will offer you 3,750mm of length, whilst the longest wheelbase offered with the Master is 4,332mm.

What’s also worth noting, is that the heaviest Renault Master, which comes with a gross weight of 4,500kg, can support a 1,990kg payload. Whereas the heaviest Ford Transit, with a gross weight of 4,700kg, can haul an impressive load of 2,209kg.

In terms of performance, the Transit and Master stack up fairly evenly, with the Transit reaching 123bhp and 350Nm and the Master achieving 145hp/kW and 360Nm or torque.

The verdict

Overall, both vans have a lot on offer and would make an exceptional addition to your busy work day. Each van would make an excellent professional partner as they both provide comfort, space and practicality to assist you during your working day.

When it comes to space, comfort and practicality, the Master certainly scored high in these departments. Additionally, the Transit offers intelligence and versatility to act as a tool throughout your busy working day.

With an array of options to tailor your van to suit you, both the Master or the Transit would make the ideal professional partner.

How Vansdirect can help you

Whether you decide to go with the Master or the Transit all depends on the purpose of your new van. Ultimately, each van is highly dependable and would make a great driving partner.

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