November 10, 2020

The Best Small Vans With 3 Front Seats

3 front seat vans

Which small vans have three front seats?

For times when you need to transport more people around on jobs, a van with three seats is the ideal solution. Even if you’re not using all of the seats all of the time, having them there can just make for an all-round more comfortable journey, especially on longer trips, not to mention a roomier interior generally.

Clearly, however, not all small vans come with three seats, so if that’s something that’s important to you, check in advance, and understand which models will meet your requirements.

Here, we take a look at some of the best smaller models on today’s market which have three seats:

These sibling vehicles have dominated the small-van market for a while, with little to choose between the two, expect top-of-the-class payload ratings and the same height and length variations with both. There are also a number of trim levels from which to take your pick.

One difference is the Partner has the innovative i-Cockpit layout, so you have a small steering wheel below your dials. If space is important to you, you may find this gives you more room.

  • Ford Transit Connect

Available with three seats, the Ford Transit Connect  displays a practical design which has been well thought out. It comes in two different lengths, and is always going to be a solid, reliable choice from a respected brand.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro

One of the smaller mid-sized vans, the Vivaro has two body-length options plus a choice of two engines and four power outputs. Recently upgraded with numerous high-tech features, the three-seater Vivaro also offers considerable comfort and handles well.

  • Peugeot Expert

With little bodyroll and light, precise steering, the Expert is in many ways a great van to drive, and highly manoeuvrable. It comes with a string of high-tech features and scores highly in the fuel economy stakes while also having a good payload capacity.


How we can help

At Vansdirect, we’ve been in the industry a good couple of decades, so fully appreciate why the number of seats may be especially important to some customers. We offer a number of three-seaters which are smaller models among our extensive line-up of vehicles, including the ones mentioned above.

We also offer a number of van finance packages, from contract hire and hire purchase to van leasing. Discuss your business fleet needs with us today.