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What is the most reliable small van?

What is the most reliable small van?

Which Is The Most Reliable Small Van?


Why is a vans reliability important?

While it may sound obvious, superior reliability from your van really does mean better business. And although of course cars must be reliable, van dependability is arguably even more important. A van that regularly breaks down is likely to cause more problems (and expense) than a car which stops functioning.

Van downtime seriously disrupts supply chains and, clearly, not being able to complete a job in a timely way can have a serious and swift negative impact on your business's reputation and income.

Commercial vans typically need to withstand rigorous daily use, racking up many thousands of road miles annually to transport goods and reach customers on time, meaning a model you can't depend on simply won't be good enough.

So it's hardly surprising that, time after time, reliability proves one of the most influential factors when it comes to choosing a business van.

But with van quality improving all the time, it's increasingly tricky to single out the highest-performing, most dependable models. However, every year, the website Fleet News uses data from its FN50 survey to give an overview of the UK's most reliable vans.

Small vans in particular are popular for being practical, affordable and having cheap running costs. Here we round up a selection of some of the best ones, mostly models the Fleet News survey has highlighted as being particularly reliable.



Most reliable Small Vans:

  • Peugeot Partner

    Peugeot Partner

Ranked in the number 9 spot this year, the Peugeot Partner is a strong performer that consistently features in the Fleet News list. It was updated last year, and is capable and versatile. It's especially handy if you need a light van in an urban area. It's produced alongside sibling model the Citroen Berlingo, and together they dominate the small van class.

  • Ford Transit Connect

    Ford Transit Connect

Updated with new engines, this the Ford Tansit Connect continues to go from strength to strength. There's more loading space than you may have thought given its compact exterior, alongside a comfortable cabin and an efficient engine, and now uses a 2.0-litre one. Equally, reviewers have praised the Connect's smooth, quiet performance.

  • Citroen Berlingo

    Citroen Berlingo

Occupying a respectable sixth place, the Berlingo is pretty much identical to the Partner mentioned above, although some say it performs even better than its sibling. It has four trim levels to choose from, of which the most basic is ideal if you're buying in bulk for a fleet.

  • Volkswagen Caddy

    VW Caddy

Taking the number three spot in the FN50 2020 list, this vehicle drives similarly to a car, so if you're not regularly behind the wheel of a van, you should feel happy driving it very quickly. The diesel engine is especially big for its size, and indeed the Caddy is something of a sensation in the van world.

  • Vauxhall Combo

    Vauxhall Caddy

We'll be honest - this one didn't actually make the FN50 list. However, we reckon the Combo's reliability makes it worthy of a mention here. It's an excellent drive, offering heaps of performs plus an economical engine. Safety features are well advanced, and what's more it offers plenty in the way of comfort, too.


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