October 26, 2017

Toyota vans reveal D-Cargo Concept van of the future!

Toyota vans

Toyota vans have used the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 to display their concept new van of the future, the Toyota D-Cargo concept van.

Toyota LCV D-Cargo Concept van

Looking for your new van to help make your business stand out, Toyota vans D-Cargo concept van may be the future van for you, imagine your business livery on the side of the incredibly futuristic Toyota vans D-Cargo concept van!

Toyota vans have released few details about the concept van at the moment, so we can only use speculation on top of what we know. Underneath, the new van is likely to be designed for numerous uses across a variety of trades and business. The lack of a front grille leads us to believe that the new van from Toyota vans is likely to be an all-electric van, perfect for businesses that regularly operate in urban areas where you have to abide by emissions restrictions.

The D-Cargo concept van is fitted with a split tailgate at the rear of the van, giving you easy access to the load area in conjunction with a highly convenient step. On the passenger side of the new van, there are two sliding doors that allow nearly all of the side of the van to slide out of the way for excellent access into the van. The interior can easily be fitted with storage and racking options, but also left alone for more general loading solutions.

When looking at potential other uses of the LCV D-Cargo concept van, it is also rumoured that Toyota vans have another two concept vans in the pipeline, named the LCV Business Lounge and LCV Athletic Tourer. One is designed for the transport of VIPs in luxury and comfort, the other designed as a transport van for wheelchair bound athletes, featuring racing wheelchairs, room for equipment storage and a loading ramp.

Although you may struggle to see the relevance of these creations for your business, Toyota vans are confident that this concept is a versatile platform for them to base a new van on. At this stage it is important to remember that this is still just a concept and the interior of the new van is designed with possibility in mind, rather than intent.

The Toyota LCV D-Cargo concept has a sparsity in terms of controls and instrumentation in the cab area. The new van has a tablet built into the centre of the steering wheel, replacing the usual controls. We don’t expect a full production version of the concept, however we expect to see aspects over the Toyota vans range of the next few years.

Toyota vans on finance

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