September 22, 2017

Renault Kangoo gets automatic transmission

renault kangoo

Renault has added its efficient double-clutch automatic gearbox to its Kangoo small van range for the first time since launch.

Available with the dCi 90 and dCi 110 versions of the Kangoo, the Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) six-speed transmission is already an option across Renault’s passenger car range. Renault claims that the new gearbox will offer new van drivers “an even more car-like driving experience”.

This is due in part to a shift time of just 290 milliseconds, enabling smoother journeys. The automatic dual dry clutch transmission eliminates the need for a clutch pedal while an electronic control unit selects the optimal gear automatically. Gear changes are simple; a push forward on the gearstick instructs the transmission to shift down a gear, with a pull backwards to shift up.

Renault Kangoo automatic gearbox

The gearbox comes with a ‘creep’ function, which its claimed makes both driving through crawling traffic and pulling away once the brake pedal is released much easier. As standard, Hill Start Assist is included and is designed to help you move away safely when sat on an incline in a stationary position. The only downside is that the EDC automatic gearbox adds 28kg to the weight of the van, slightly reducing payload.

Prices are to be confirmed for the 90ps and 110ps basic ‘Business’ model, however CO2 emissions have been confirmed at 132g/km. Renault’s official fuel economy is 55.4mpg. Orders opened on September 1st – so you can get an automatic Kangoo right away!

Renault Kangoo Z.E news

In other Kangoo-related news, a new version of the Kangoo Z.E was announced just two weeks ago. Powered by a new 33kWh battery, Renault claims a range of 170 miles from a single charge – a significant improvement on the 106 mile range of the previous model. 50 percent, in fact!

The Renault Kangoo Z.E is available in four body styles, and can be charged from flat with a 7kW AC charger in around six hours. All models produce 59bhp and 225Nm of torque.

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