February 19, 2019

UK’s most powerful speed camera to be used on M4 and M5

Speed camera

The UK’s largest speed camera is due to be used on the M4 motorway, with the capability of filming vehicles from a thousand metres away, Vansdirect reveals all!

The Long Ranger

The new speed camera labelled ’The Long Ranger’ is set to be used on the M4 motorway, with the capability of filming a car or van from a thousand metres away. The police have revealed their new weapon in an attempt to clamp down on speeding and tailgating, with the new camera not just able to record speed, it can produce ultra-clear video footage and still photographs of vehicles and even the people occupying them.

Set for M4 and M5 motorways

The new speed camera will be used to police the M4 just across the Severn Bridge, which recently removed the toll charges. The technology is first being rolled out on the M4 and M5 motorways, as well as other major roads in the Gloucester Police area, whilst other police forces may also soon adopt the high tech camera.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Police officers will use the high tech speed camera in conjunction with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) equipment to check what cars and vans are on the roads and how the cars are being driven.

Educating drivers

The police have said that the primary aim of the camera is to educate people on the area of safe driving, with the ultimate goal of preventing accidents that can kill or severely injure people. Some drivers will be given advice about their driving, whilst others guilty of committing driving offences will be prosecuted.

Collaborative road policing

Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire Police, Martin Surl commented on the reveal of the new speed camera:

”We now have a chance to test a new model of collaborative road policing which, if it proves a success can be put into practice elsewhere. The aim is not just to penalize motorists but to uphold the law by creating a change in people’s behavior, but the police will enforce the law when necessary.”

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