July 26, 2017

Peugeot Partner Electric van – New van review

peugeot partner

The name probably gives it away, the Peugeot Partner Electric is the plug-in version of the popular small van from Peugeot. Vansdirect reviews the Peugeot Partner Electric van

Zero Emissions

Unlike the standard diesel version of the Peugeot Partner, the electric model releases no harmful emissions from its exhaust. The Zero emissions means that the Peugeot Partner Electric is exempt from Vehicle Exercise Duty VED (vehicle tax), congestion zone charges and the soon to be implemented Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charges.

Dimensions and payloads of the Peugeot Partner Electric van

Just like the panel van, the Partner Electric van is available in two load lengths, with identical dimensions to the diesel versions. The extra weight of the electric battery means that payload capacity is reduced to 636kg on L1 models and 552kg on L2 models, in comparison to a maximum payload up to 860kg on standard Peugeot Partner vans. If you’re not too bothered about the reduction in weight capacity, then the Partner Electric van will cater for all of your small van requirements. The batteries do not act as a hindrance to the van’s practical functionality, as they are hidden beneath the load floor, while all models get three seats as a result of the gearbox being replaced with a dial on the dashboard.

Charging the Peugeot Partner Electric van

The Electric features of the van are easy to find and use, the battery meter in the cabin clearly displays the battery charge, while re-charging is easy you plug in the lead and leave the van to re-charge. From a standard three pin plug you’d be looking at approximately 10 hours to fully re-charge your Partner electric van, a rapid D/C charger is recommended for more frequent usage, as the battery will charge from zero to 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes!

The advantages of the plug-in van do not end there, there is an eight year warranty with the battery pack, while running costs are low from only 2 pence per mile if charging at home overnight. The range of the battery is approximately 80-90 miles on the real world driving scale, more than sufficient for urban trips.

Driving the Peugeot Partner Electric van

The Peugeot Partner Electric van is excellent in busy urban areas, with a nimble 11 metre turning circle and nippy performance. Compact dimensions also mean it is perfect for navigating around busy city centres and multi-storey car parks. The Electric van is available with a 97ps output delivering an impressive 215Nm of torque, with an advertised range of 106miles (this can drop to between 80 and 90 miles on the real world scale). The charge holds best when zipping around busy towns and the charge diminishes at its highest rate when driving on the motorway at speeds up to 70mph, outlining the urban aim and purpose of the van. The Peugeot Partner Electric van uses regenerative braking, which converts the movement into useable power to help recharge the battery.

Peugeot Partner van finance

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