December 03, 2020

How Do I Find The Best Cheap Van Lease Deals?

Cheap van lease deals

If you’re in need of a new vehicle, and have decided to lease a van, you can look forward to benefits including being able to change your model regularly and not having to pay maintenance or depreciation costs.

Of course, you’ll be looking to find the best cheap van lease deals, and wondering how to go about doing that.

Not fussy? Save money

One key thing to note is that deals will vary widely from one manufacturer to another. That means that, if you just need a van to do its job, and get people or goods around, and aren’t too fussy about the particular model, you could save money. Have a look at some other vans of a similar size or make to the one you think you want, and get some different options and prices.

How do I start looking?

There are a number of choices if you’re on the hunt for cheap van lease deals. You could try a comparison website, many of which update their deals daily, so could be time-limited. You could go directly to a dealer or check out an independent van retailer. Obviously, it makes sense to start your research online.

Firstly though, you need to know what goods or equipment you need to move around or the potential load weight you need to carry. This avoids you choosing a van that is bigger than you need and potentially costing you more than is necessary. Conversely, choosing a van that is too small could mean you overload it or worse, are unable to do your job properly. Our guide to van sizes may help you

When comparing prices, make sure you fully understand what’s included – and what isn’t. Like mileage restrictions or maintenance packages to go along with the manufacturers warranty.

So compare like with like and look at finance options that match best with how you will be using the van And if possible, choose an unlimited mileage package.

As ever, read the terms and conditions in detail before you commit.

Choose a one-stop shop: Vansdirect makes it easy

If you’re arranging finance for van leasing and then finding a vehicle separately, this can be a very time-consuming process.

At Vansdirect, we make it easy to do everything under a single virtual roof. Our website offers access to small, medium-sized and large models, including crew vehicles, pick-ups and electric vans. We take delivery from all the top manufacturers, so, whatever you need, we can almost certainly help.

At the same time, our customers highly value our broad line-up of affordable lease finance options; and, remember, you’ll only be dealing with one organisation. What’s more, we give you the freedom to fix monthly costs, and don’t charge excess mileage or damage fees once your contract is up.

And with three-year warranties plus breakdown cover forming integral parts of our cheap van lease deals, we’ll never be outdone on price.


Talk to us about cheap van lease deals today, and take the first step to joining thousands of satisfied Vans Direct customers.