February 11, 2020

Five reasons to purchase an electric van

New Vauxhall Vivaro electric van

Considering investing in a new electric van? Our team of new van experts at Vansdirect reveals five reasons to consider purchasing a new electric van.

Electric vans

A number of new van manufacturers have been focusing more of their efforts on electric vans in recent times, with the likes of Mercedes vans and VW vans set to join the electric van market in months to come. So why are electric vans growing in popularity? And what are the reasons for investing in one?

1. Buying incentives

There are incentives available for the purchase of electric vehicles including reduced tax rates and the government plug-in grant. These incentives have extended to some local authorities with some offering free parking in certain areas, free charging in some areas and exemption from the London congestion charge.

2. Lower running costs

Electric vans tend to be far cheaper to run than their petrol and diesel counterparts, with lower fuel costs per mile. There also tend to be less complex components and moving parts meaning the cost of maintaining them is also expected to be lower.

3. Friendly on the environment

The aim of the government push for replacing petrol and diesel vehicles with electric is to benefit the environment and reduce emissions of potentially harmful toxins. Electric vans produce no CO2 or NOx emissions during driving, an increased uptake would mean the potential to severely improve air quality and reduce pollution in a number of different towns and cities.

4. Good for the image of your business

Have a business and want to portray a socially conscious image? Turning up to the job at hand in a new electric van will do just that.

5. Smooth and comfortable performance

Electric motors offer instant torque to the vehicle and as such electric vans tend to offer easy going and smooth performance. They also tend to be nippy and agile around urban areas and towns.

Electric vans for sale

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