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Upgrade both your professional motor and your eco-credentials with a new Citroën e-Berlingo. This electric van provides the performance and load capacity you need, all at an always affordable price.

If you want to find out more about the new Citroën e-Berlingo, read the answers to some of the most common questions surrounding this van, below.



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What is the range of a new Citroën e-Berlingo?

On a full charge of battery, the new Citroën e-Berlingo offers between 152 and 182 miles of range, depending on your total payload. There are also three driving modes that impact your maximum range.
  • Eco: Optimises energy consumption, allowing you to travel further in your new Citroën e-Berlingo.
  • Normal: Strikes the perfect balance between driving range and performance.
  • Power: Prioritises performance, reducing the maximum driving range.

How long does it take to fully charge a new Citroën e-Berlingo?

When you use a dedicated 7.4kW charger, like the wall chargers you can install at your home, a new Citroën e-Berlingo takes around 7hrs 30 mins to fully charge. If you use a 100kW public charging point, then you can charge your e-Berlingo from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes. A great option for when you’re recharging on the go!  

What is the load capacity of a new Citroën e-Berlingo?

For a small van, the new Citroën e-Berlingo can certainly pack a lot in the back. The maximum payload capacity totals to 800kg, with a standard load volume of 3.3m3. Plenty of room to securely transport your tools, supplies, and equipment!  

How much does a new Citroën e-Berlingo cost?

When you shop with Vansdirect, you can always find affordable new Citroën e-Berlingo offers. That’s because of our flexible financial packages, including purchasing, leasing, and hiring options. These are tailored according to your personal requirements. Request a quote on a new Citroën e-Berlingo today to get started.  

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