November 27, 2020

Can I Get Cheap Van Leasing Without A Deposit?


As you research cheap van leasing online, one option that may seem initially attractive is a no-deposit van lease.

After all, it’s a choice that may seem to offer some strong advantages, the most obvious one being the chance to get on the road in your vehicle of choice without making a down payment. And that may mean you feel you can plan your payments for the rest of your contract with confidence.

Be wary of the potential pitfalls

However, while it may seem counterintuitive, there could actually be some benefits to making an upfront payment. Most notably, doing so could lower your future monthly payments. You should be aware that no-deposit options on cheap van leasing will ultimately result in higher monthly charges.

Even the term ‘no-deposit’ leasing can itself be somewhat misleading, although we know it’s a highly searched-for term online. Deals often include non-refundable fees such as admin, application or brokerage charges, which can end up being costly.

What we offer at Vansdirect

Here at Vansdirect, we ask for a minimum of three months’ rental payments in advance on all our cheap van leasing deals but you can also choose to pay six, nine or 12 months rentals up front. The higher your initial rental, the lower your monthly rental payments

Our rentals are calculated using a balloon value based on 20,000 miles a year, and there’s the option to pay this off through the sale of the van. (A balloon payment is a lump sum the lender is owed at the end of a finance deal, and because you’re effectively deferring part of the cost to the end, monthly repayments are typically lower. You wouldn’t get that with a no-deposit deal.

We offer low-deposit options, plus you can choose how long your contract lasts, between two and five years. What’s more, you get the chance to be behind the wheel of a new van every few years – and we don’t charge excess mileage or damage fees.

We fully understand why, in uncertain times, people are looking for cheap van leasing involving down payments which are as low as possible. So we’re keen to be flexible while keeping the process as straightforward and quick as we can.

Finally, our cheap van leasing deals also incorporate a number of tax benefits, while you also have the option to receive 97.5% of the resale proceeds once the agreement is up.

Browse our deals and call us for informed, expert advice – we’re adding new deals all the time and are constantly comparing the widest selection of deals so that you can find one that’s perfect for your needs. We’ll even match or better any deal you’ve found if you think it’s an improvement on what we offer. Talk to us about cheap van leasing today.