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More than half of van drivers ignore mobile phone laws

More than half of van drivers ignore mobile phone laws

Research conducted by Volkswagen vans has revealed that more than half of van drivers admitted to making phone calls behind the wheel without using a hands-free device!


Don't stream and drive

Today Vansdirect are supporting don't stream and drive day, in a bid to make the UK's roads a safer place to be, with staggering research earlier this year from industry experts Volkswagen vans revealing that more than 50% of van drivers admitted to making phone calls when behind the wheel without the use of a hands-free device. Vansdirect are hoping that if we raise awareness of the problem, then some of you who are guilty of using your mobile phones on the go will reconsider and help to improve the safety of the roads not only for yourselves but also for other road users.


Vansdirect urges you to #Dontstreamanddrive


Volkswagen vans research

The survey conducted by Volkswagen vans revealed that on average, van drivers spend 35 minutes on the phone each day in their vans, making an average of seven calls a day. Of those surveyed, one in ten spend two hours on the phone while driving during the working day.


The results of the investigation from Volkswagen vans comes just two years on from stricter legislation governing the usage of mobile phones behind the wheel. Since March 2017, driving a vehicle while using a device, this includes making calls, texting, taking selfies or posting on social media sites carries a fine of £200 and an endorsement of six penalty points on your driving licence, been caught in the act twice is enough to have your licence revoked.


Despite these stricter laws, 23% of van drivers are risking breaking the law by not having a hands-free kit in their vans, whilst 33% of van drivers are failing to use the technology even though their van is fully equipped. Only 27% of those surveyed said that their van was fitted with hands-free technology and they always use it to make phone calls when on the road.


As standard across the Volkswagen vans range is a Bluetooth hands-free kit, head of marketing at Volkswagen vans, Sarah Cox commented on the worrying findings revealed by the research:



"Our figures show that many van drivers don't have or aren't using a Bluetooth hands-free kit behind the wheel - risking not only a fine and potential ban, which would damage business, but, more seriously, a potentially fatal accident. As part of our Working With You promise we ensure all our customers have the right accessories and equipment to make their jobs as easy and safe as possible, whether that's offering flexible van servicing or something as simple as a hands-free kit as standard."


Recent statistics released by the Government have revealed that nearly half a million drivers still use their phones behind the wheel despite the more stringent mobile phone laws, while phone distraction has been listed as a contributory factor in more than 30 deaths annually!


Volkswagen vans on finance

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