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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

Van racking - how do you do yours?

Van racking - how do you do yours?

No matter what you use your van for, van racking can be a conveniently useful addition to any van. But, it's easier said than done. You could keep costs down and do it yourself, or you can shell out for a bespoke solution.


It's also important to consider the weight of any racking you intend to install as it will eat into your van's payload capacity. Racking refers to storage equipment of any kind, including shelves, cupboards, cabinets and toolboxes specially designed for your van's load area to provide fixed, safe storage.


Let's take a look at the different ways to install a racking system in your van.



Van Racking Do-it-yourself


The obvious attraction of installing van racking yourself is lower cost. But is this actually the case? Think about it. Even with the right skill-set, designing and installing a racking system takes longer than you may think. And if your van is out-of-action while you're installing your new system, there's downtime to take into account too.


You could use an off-the-shelf setup, but this still requires time and effort - as well as making sure you don't damage your van.



Specialist Van Racking


Nobody wants their van out-of-action when it could be hard at work. Professional installers can design and fit a racking system at a time that suits you and your business. Doing it this way means you'll avoid downtime as well as the effort of doing it yourself.


If you're looking for a new van, it's worth considering the racking you'll need in terms of cost and availability. It's also vital that the system serves you as best possible, so think about how you will use it. When ordering from Vansdirect, you can specify that you need a van with racking for a tailored quote.


Van Racking


Van racking tips from the FTA


  • The racking system should be fitted in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
  • Has the racking been tested under R17 crash pulse conditions?
  • Are doors and drawers in racking systems self-closing, to eliminate the risk of them being left open in transit?
  • Ensure the racking system extends to the full length of the cargo compartment area providing a direct load path to the vehicle occupants
  • Have the cargo carrying capacity of the units in the racking system been provided by the manufacturer
  • The racking system should be loaded according to the guideline provided by the manufacturer
  • Have any unauthorised alterations been made to the racking system?
  • Does the racking interfere with the adjustment of the seat or head restraint or have the potential to interfere with the performance of the occupant safety systems such as the seatbelts or airbags?
  • Regular inspections should be carried out on the racking system to check for signs of wear and tear
  • Regular maintenance carried out on the racking system


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