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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!
You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

The UKs rudest and funniest road names!

The UKs rudest and funniest road names!

The UK is loaded with funny and rude place names, Vanman has compiled a list of the funniest for your enjoyment!


Rudest and funniest road names

If you're a shrewd property investor looking for a complete bargain, you may want to check out the rudest streets in the UK. If you live on a street titled Crotch Crescent, The Knob or Bell End then it can knock up to a staggering £84,000 off the price of a house, a study has revealed. However when you see some of these road names then you may think that money is a small price to play to avoid the embarrassment at having to tell people you live in a street called Cock Lane! Below are the UK's 20 rudest and funniest road names.

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20. Sandy Balls, New Forest


19. Shitterton, Dorset


18. Slag Lane, Merseyside


17. Wetwang, Yorkshire


16. Twatt, Orkney


15. North Piddle, Worcestershire


14. Penistone, Barnsley, South Yorkshire


13. Ladygate Lane, Ruislip


12. Fine Bush Lane, Ruislip


11. Fingringhoe, Essex


10. Hornyold Road, Worcestershire


9. Jackass Lane, Kent


8. Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire


7. Crotch Crescent, Oxford


6. Cocks, Cornwall


5. Back Passage, City of London


4. Butt Hill Road, South Yorkshire


3. Fanny Avenue, Derbyshire


2. The Knob, Northamptonshire


1. Bell End, Worcestershire


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