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UK's top 10 road rage phrases revealed

UK's top 10 road rage phrases revealed

Private number plate specialists Click4reg have revealed the most common phrases used by UK drivers when overcome with road rage, Vansdirect takes a closer look!


UK's top 10 road rage phrases

A survey of 1,329 UK drivers revealed that a staggering 78 percent of drivers admit that they experience some sort of road rage with 46 percent revealing that this is a regular if not a daily occurrence when getting behind the wheel. Despite such a high number experiencing road rage, 66 percent of those surveyed revealed that they are reluctant to beep their horns, as opposed to the 34 percent who labelled themselves as 'serial honkers'.


Those that were surveyed were asked to list up to five phrases that they most regularly shout out when overcome with road rage. The number plate specialists then collated the responses and grouped together phrases similar in context to tally up and rank the following most common phrases, with expletives removed of course.

Below are the list of the UK's top 10 road rage phrases:


1. Go on then move!

A staggering 72 percent of motorists surveyed revealed that this is something they find themselves shouting when behind the wheel.


2. Is the person in front dead?

A close second is this pearler of a phrase, with 70 percent of motorists surveyed admitting to using it or similar when behind the wheel.


3. He's not even looking

67 percent of motorists admitted to being enraged when another road user doesn't appear to be paying attention.


4. Of course, it's a BMW

BMW drivers appear to have a reputation for upsetting other road users, with 64 percent of motorists surveyed admitting to using the words above when they have felt aggrieved whilst driving.


5. Wow, someone is in a hurry

61 percent of motorists admitted to using the phrase above or similar to vent their frustrations behind the wheel.


6. You're welcome

Is there anything more infuriating than giving way to a driver or letting them in front of you and not being thanked? 58 percent of motorists surveyed agree!


7. Learn to use your indicators

Another driving habit that was found to cause road rage was drivers not using their indicators. 44 percent of motorists admitted to venting the phrase above or similar.


8. You could park a bus in there

Is there anything more frustrating than being held up by someone making a meal of a space which appears more than big enough for the vehicle at hand? 41 percent of motorists admitted to finding this infuriating and muttering (or shouting) the phrase above.


9. Who teaches these people to drive?

When venting their frustration at other road users, 36 percent wrote down the phrase above as one of their five commonly used phrases when experiencing road rage.


10. Are they actually blind?

Another phrase questioning the vision of other drivers, this phrase was common place from 28 percent of motorists.


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