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The smart van is the mobile office of the future

The smart van is the mobile office of the future

The term 'mobile office' was commonly used to describe an old portakabin that functioned as an extension to the main office and could be moved around to different locations. With the help of vans, the phrase is taking on a whole new meaning.


Motor giant Nissan took their electric NV200 to British-based 'eco design agency' Studio Hardie to form a partnership that was intended to show the future of remote working. The result? A hugely impressive smart van concept called the e-NV200 Workspace.



What is the e-NV200 Workspace?


Imagine an empty panel van. Now take that empty loadspace and replace it with a functioning office. That's the general concept, but the e-NV200 Workspace is so much more than that. Where a traditional panel van has space for parcels or other goods, the load area of this concept van is literally an office. It doesn't even look like the back of a van.


There's a fold-out desk, a touchscreen computer with a wireless internet connection as well as wireless phone charging. That's your basic office requirements taken care of - but the e-NV200 Workspace goes one further, adding a whole host of luxury features that make this office concept more appealing that your actual office.


If the Bluetooth sound system, mini fridge or smartphone-controlled LED lighting doesn't impress you - the hidden coffee machine will. The coffee maker is built-in and folds away at the touch of a button, freeing up space and creating that lovely coffeeshop smell - right in your office. Everything has been designed with space in mind, and as such the touchscreen computer is mounted on a fold-down console that can be 'hidden away', too. Finally, there's a fold-up bicycle stored on the rear door so you can take to the streets if you need to.



Why do I need a smart van/mobile office?


Nissan's reasoning for this smart van concept is that co-working and hot-desking - both systems designed based on shared usage of limited facilities - were up 36% in 2015. This is backed up by the cost of the commute (UK average £358 per month) versus the cost of running an electric van (as low as 2p per mile according to Nissan) as well as the elimination of the commute itself thanks to remote working.


The office fits inside a space of 4.2 cubic metres and features twin sliding side doors and a panoramic glass roof. The floor is finished with oak decking and incorporates a 'floating deck' that pulls out at the rear, so you can work outside if the weather permits.


Check out the e-NV200 Workspace video below.



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