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When should new van fleets replace their tyres?

When should new van fleets replace their tyres?

Tyres are a vital part in keeping any vehicle on the road and with recent news showing that 40% of drivers are using dangerous tyres, Vansdirect outlines features you need to consider when changing the tyres in your new van fleet.


New van safety

Even with the best braking available, it's only as reliable as the grip of the tyres, despite this only a small minority of drivers regularly check their van and tyres for damage before they start to drive somewhere. On average, if a car is travelling at 40 miles per hour it would need 36 metres to stop, however for new vans the distance would be almost double that. Stopping distances for vans are also influenced by additional factors including: tyre pressure, compound and tread pattern, weight of the load carried and the speed that the van is going.


New van technology

The van fleet industry has evolved over time with the use of technology. Telematics can be handy to determine peaks and troughs in the fuel efficiency of the new vans, which can also determine driving habits which may be uneconomical. These can then be managed to improve the efficiency of the van and its tyres.


Cost of new van tyres

It is no secret that it can be expensive to purchase new van tyres and hence it is understandable that fleet managers and drivers may delay before replacing their existing tyres and opt to get the most out of them. However pushing tyres beyond their capabilities for a short-term return, may work out more expensive over time.


It is critical that van drivers and van fleet managers use a replacement program to avoid requiring an emergency tyre. It is recommended that you change the tyres on your new van when they reach a minimum tread of 2mm.


New van downtime

Every van has to be taken off the road for the tyres to be replaced at some point in its lifetime, however this downtime can be managed efficiently. To manage this downtime efficiently you may want to consider the following: using mobile tyre fitters, booking tyre fittings outside of the peak worktime of the van fleet and ringing ahead ensuring the right tyre is available at the supplier.


It is also encouraged that all van fleet operators ensure that a tyre check is incorporated into the daily van walk around check and have a quick process for their drivers to report any tyre wear and deficiencies.


New van finance

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