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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

New van battle: Mercedes Sprinter vs Iveco Daily

New van battle: Mercedes Sprinter vs Iveco Daily

New large vans have the capabilities to carry the heaviest and bulkiest of cargo. Vansdirect compares two of the big hitters from the segment that includes the Ford Transit. Which of these new large vans should you choose?


The Battle of Mercedes Sprinter and IVECO daily

Both strong and robust, there is no job too tough for these durable and practical large vans. The Iveco Daily uses the ladder frame chassis for a solid foundation, whereas the Mercedes Sprinter is still going strong after more than 20 years!


New Van Battle - Vital Statistics...


Payload: Mercedes Vs IVECO

New the polite introductions are over, let's get into the nitty gritty, we're talking dimensions, payloads and economy, don't go anywhere!

With large vans comes heavy cargo, so which of these large vans can cater for the heaviest payload? The Iveco Daily has a maximum payload of 1500kg as opposed to 1,444kg on short wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter, close but the Iveco wins on this count.

Sprinter 0, Daily 1


Load Volume: Mercedes Vs IVECO

Now let's take a glance at the dimensions of both vans. Both with a huge range of shapes and sizes it may be difficult to compare these two, so we'll compare the largest of both 3.5 tonne vans. With a loadspace volume of 19.6 cubic metres, the Iveco Daily has the greater carrying capacity of both large vans, with the Mercedes Sprinter being able to cater for loads up to 17.0 cubic metres. 2-0 to the Daily.

Sprinter 0, Daily 2


Power: Mercedes Vs IVECO

Now let's talk engines and power! The Daily wins again on this count, its most powerful 170ps engine produces 430Nm of torque, whereas the Sprinter's most powerful engine only produces 360Nm of torque, 3-0 to the Iveco.

Sprinter 0, Daily 1


Emissions: Mercedes Vs IVECO

Sticking with engines, let's take a look at the emissions from both of these large vans. The Most powerful Sprinter engine releases 211 g/km of emissions, whereas the most powerful Iveco engine releases 230 g/km. The Sprinter pulls one back, 1-3.

Sprinter 1, Daily 3

Fuel Economy: Mercedes Vs IVECO

Sticking with engines, which of these large vans is the most economical? The most economical engine of the Mercedes Sprinter can achieve up to 35.3mpg, whereas the most economical Iveco Daily engine can achieve 34.4mpg. Another point for the Sprinter, 2-3.

Sprinter 2, Daily 3


Trim Spec: Mercedes Vs IVECO

One more category to go, can the Sprinter grab a late equaliser? This time we're looking at the specification of each of our large vans. The Iveco has standard features including, ESP, remote central locking, electric windows and provision for radio. The Mercedes Sprinter is far more equipped however, with standard features including: Radio with telephone keypad, bluetooth, USB, Aux, cruise control and a whole host more! The Sprinter equalises, 3-3!

Final Score: Sprinter 3 Daily 3


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