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New van battle: Fiat Fiorino v Ford Transit Courier

New van battle: Fiat Fiorino v Ford Transit Courier

Time for another intriguing new van battle, this time from the small van segment! The small van segment is extremely competitive, with 10s of vans to choose from including Citroen's popular duo of the Nemo and Berlingo. Two of the most striking new van options in this category are the Fiat Fiorino and Ford Transit Courier, which should you choose?


Fiat Fiorino Introduction

WhatVan small van of the year 2017, the Fiat Fiorino is an agile small new van that handles like a passenger car. Designed to encounter busy urban areas, while being economically efficient to drive. The Fiat Fiorino handles multi-storey car parks with ease and the ease of drive, parking and loading, means that you really can take the Fiorino anywhere.


Ford Transit Courier Introduction

Efficient and nimble, the Ford Transit Courier is the smallest version of the Ford Transit family. Also designed to get around busy city centres, the Ford Transit Courier combines low CO2 outputs and high fuel economy to achieve low running costs. The Transit Courier is an attractive new van proposition for your business.


New van battle - vital statistics

Now that's enough of the niceties, let's find out everything we really want to know about these two new vans. Vansdirect investigates the dimensions, weights, fuel economy and power of both of these new vans.


Both small vans, but payload is still important! The highest payload in either of these two new vans is a very impressive 660kg, which is available on certain derivatives of the Fiat Fiorino. The Ford Transit Courier also has an impressive maximum payload of 650kg, close but no cigar! We make that 1-0 to the Fiat Fiorino.


Payload: Fiorino 1 Transit Courier 0


Now let's take a look at the dimensions of both new vans: Both only available in one length and height, this should make it easier to compare the figures. The Transit Courier has a load length of 1620mm in comparison to the Fiorino at 1523mm. This seems pretty clear-cut, but wait! The Fiat Fiorino can provide load lengths up to 2491mm with the passenger seat folded, the Fiorino makes it 2-0.


Load Length: Fiorino 2 Transit Courier 0


We've looked at length, now time to look at the width of both of our new vans. The highest load with between the wheel arches is 1488mm on the Transit Courier, compared to 1473mm on the Fiorino. Only 15mm between them, but the Transit Courier pulls 1 back. 2-1 to the Fiorino.


Load Width: Fiorino 2 Transit Courier 1


Length and width have been investigated, we will now look at load height. The highest load height is 1244mm found on the Transit Courier, as opposed to 1205mm on the Fiorino. Clear-cut win in this case, an equaliser. 2-2


Load Width: Fiorino 2 Transit Courier 2


We've investigated the load area dimensions, however there is still more investigation to take place in this area. We will look at the overall loadspace volume of the two new vans. The Transit Courier has an impressive loadspace volume of 1.9 cubic metres, extending to 2.6 cubic metres in models with the flexible bulkhead. Something to beat, how will the Fiorino fare? The Fiorino can cater for a loadspace volume of a staggering 2.8 cubic metres. 3-2 to the Fiorino.


Loadspace volume: Fiorino 3 Transit Courier 2


Time to talk engines, by firstly analysing how economic both new vans are to drive: While the Fiorino an impressive fuel economy of up to 62.8mpg (95ps), this is trounced by a staggering 70.6mpg on the Transit Courier's (95ps). Another equaliser 3-3


Fuel Economy: Fiorino 3 Transit Courier 3


All level with one category to go and that category is Trim specifications! Starting with the Transit Courier, it is available in Base and Trend spec levels, the base contains features as standard, such as: DAB radio with Bluetooth and USB. Naturally the trend model brings extra features. The Fiat Fiorino is available in 3 different trim levels: Ecojet, SX and Adventure and contains features such as MP3 radio and remote control central locking. Although both vans have a variety of features and trim levels, it is the Fiorino where the highest spec can be found. The Vansdirect Fiat Fiorino SX special contains features such as: USB, Rear parking sensors, Bluetooth, 5" touchscreen Sat Nav, Cruise Control, Alarm, Air Conditioning, Panelled bulkhead, Front fog lights. The Fiorino sneaks it at the post.


Trim Specifications: Fiorino 4 Transit Courier 3


Looking for small vans? Check out the rest of our range here. Call us on 0845 021 0444 or enquire online and we'll be in touch.

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