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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

Mercedes Sprinter - now in front-wheel drive!

Mercedes Sprinter - now in front-wheel drive!

The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has gained plaudits from almost everywhere for being an incredibly innovative new large van, the new Mk3 Sprinter includes a lot of firsts, including the availability for the first time of front-wheel drive!


Mercedes Sprinter FWD

So why is front-wheel drive (FWD) such a big feature for the new Mercedes Sprinter van I hear you ask? The Mercedes Sprinter van is a large van which has historically excelled with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive (AWD) vans and whilst these are still available on the new model, FWD offers a more efficient and excellent alternative.


RWD and AWD versions have not become obsolete as a result of the introduction of FWD models, far from it in fact, they are incredibly useful for businesses who use their vans for heavy-duty applications and in difficult driving conditions. However FWD models certainly have their benefits and if you're a business looking to maximise your payload and minimise your fuel costs amongst all the other benefits of choosing a Mercedes Sprinter, then FWD may be for you!


What are the benefits of opting for FWD models?


Maximise payload

FWD models don't require a large driveshaft running the length of the van to the large rear axle and differential and hence FWD models weigh less than their RWD Sprinter counterparts, which increases maximum payload of the van by as much as 50kg. Maximising payload is particularly important when you consider the highest gross vehicle weight (GVW) you can drive on a regular UK driving licence is 3.5-tonnes.


Regular driving licence holders now have the ability to drive Mercedes Sprinter vans which carry more goods, which should appeal strongly to all you Courier, Express, Parcel (CEP) delivery services that are out there.


Improved fuel economy

Coinciding with the reduced weight of the van is an improvement in fuel economy, meaning better mpg in real world conditions as well as on the technical specifications of the van. Fewer mechanical parts in the van also mean reduced running costs and potentially less money spent on maintaining the van.


Lower load height

Another advantage of FWD is that it allows the load area floor at the rear of the van to be lower, 80mm to be precise in the new Mercedes Sprinter. This can make it easier to load heavier and more challenging goods and can also reduce fatigue of the operators when accessing the rear of the van, this can add up when you're making potentially hundreds of delivery stops on a daily basis.


Increased load area volume

Load capacity on FWD models is also increased in comparison with RWD models, making it more spacious for goods, but also more comfortable to work inside!


New Mercedes Sprinter FWD van on finance

Interested in a FWD model? Vansdirect has a number of L2 H2 Mercedes Benz Sprinter FWD models in stock and ready to go with cheap van finance options available including van leasing and contract hire from ONLY £255pm! Interested? Simply submit your details online or call us on 0800 169 69 95 to get the ball rolling today, we also offer cars!

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