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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!
You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

Mercedes Citan - The upmarket small van

Mercedes Citan - The upmarket small van

The first ever small van from Mercedes vans, the Mercedes Citan carries on the reputation of the Mercedes vans brand with a small van with just as much quality as the larger Mercedes Vito and Mercedes Sprinter vans.


Introduction to the Mercedes Citan

Mercedes vans first ever small van is very similar to a creation from Renault vans in the Renault Kangoo, in fact the Mercedes Citan is based on the Kangoo and underneath the surface you'll find the same technology and engines in both small vans. The two new vans are built alongside eachother at the Renault vans factory in Northern France, with Mercedes vans making some alterations to the suspension and replacing the Renault vans diamond with a renowned Mercedes vans grille.


Versatility of the Mercedes Citan

The Citan is available in three lengths, in comparison to two lengths on the Kangoo (standard and long), Mercedes vans also offer a compact version. The Citan is also available as a crew van and Tourer people carrier version, so caters for a variety of different requirements. Every model is comfortable to drive with impressively weighted steering, however the refinement really makes the Citan stand out and very much feel part of the Mercedes vans range.


Economy of the Mercedes Citan

The Citan is powered by a 1.5-litre Euro 6 compliant diesel engine from Renault vans with outputs of: 75ps, 90ps, and 110ps. Mercedes vans claim fuel economies between 60.1 and 65.7 miles to the gallon, with some of the lowest CO2 emissions figures in its class between 112 and 126 g/km. There is also the option of a 1.2 litre turbo petrol model delivering a 114ps output, which is perfect for stopping and starting traffic situations.


Reliability and safety of the Mercedes Citan

Taking over from the excellent safety reputation of the Renault Kangoo, the Mercedes Citan builds on this reputation and adds to it. The Citan is the only new van in its class to be fitted with electronic stability control (ESC) as standard, giving the van an edge in slippery and difficult conditions. The system will also allow for a load, intervening earlier if it has a heavier load on board than when lightly laden.


Features of the Mercedes Citan

The interior is based on the Kangoo, however the dashboard has been changed. The Mercedes Citan is well equipped with standard features, including: hill-start assist, central locking, load-securing rings, radio with USB and aux, electric windows and automatically activated hazard warning lights during emergency braking.


The Mercedes Citan may be a practical and flexible small van, but it oozes refinement and quality.


New Mercedes Citan on finance

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