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Looking After Your Health As A Van Driver

Looking After Your Health As A Van Driver

To celebrate Men’s Health Week, we’re focusing on looking after your health on the road.

In the UK, Men’s Health Week takes place from 10th – 16th June. While the number of female van drivers is on the rise (at 43% according to The Face), there are currently more male van drivers.

If you drive a van for a living, you’ll naturally spend a lot of time behind the wheel. That’s why for Men’s Health Week, we wanted to share some top tips for all our male van drivers out there for good health.

Read on for all the tips you need to stay fit and healthy on the go.

1. Pack healthy food and snacks

A bunch of bananas and oranges

Depending on the nature of your job, you might work different shifts on the road in your van. During longer shifts, it’s important to make sure you’re well-fuelled for the road with enough food.

With lots of drive-thru’s and motorway service stations within reach, it may be tempting to opt for a fast food lunch or caffeine. These might satisfy you initially, but you’ll find yourself feeling more lethargic later.

Instead, try packaging a healthier lunch and snacks like fruit, raw vegetables, and nuts to keep you going. Switching caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee or energy drinks with water or juice will help you stay more alert and hydrated.

2. Make the most of your breaks

Delivery driver leaning against van

After spending a few hours on the road in your van, it’s important to take a break. It’s not only a legal requirement of your work, but vital to making sure you drive safe and minimise the risk of accidents.

Take regular breaks when driving for long periods of time and use the opportunity to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. You’ll find yourself feeling more refreshed when you get back on the road, and you might even manage to up your step count!

If you don’t feel like moving around too much, you could keep a book to hand and read a few chapters or listen to a podcast to exercise your mind. The important thing is that you take a break from driving because driving while tired can be dangerous to both you and other road users.

3. Keep up to date with health check-ups

Man getting an eye test

No matter your age, it’s important to keep up to date with any regular check-ups to help you stay fit and active.

Eye tests in particular are important because as a van driver, it’s vital you have good vision to help spot any hazards or dangers on the road. If it’s been a while since your last eye test or you notice any changes in your vision, book an eye test with your opticians.

If you wear glasses, this is a good opportunity to make sure your current prescription is working for you, as this can change over time.

Check-ups with your doctor once in a while are also a good idea to make sure you’re fit and healthy. If you’ve previously had higher blood pressure or other health issues, your doctor can advise on how to adapt your routine to ensure the best care.

4. Prioritise a good night’s sleep

Man in bed asleep

It goes without saying that you should always make sure to get a good night’s sleep before each shift. As mentioned earlier, driving on a lack of sleep can be extremely dangerous and cause accidents.

Make sure to get at least eight hours of undisturbed sleep each night so that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. If you struggle with sleep, there are lots of things you can try. From black-out curtains and ear plugs to relaxing pillow sprays and herbal medicines.

Meditating before you go to sleep can also be a great way to help you wind down for the night and enter relaxation mode. It also helps you practice mindfulness and can be helpful in combatting stress and anxiety. Some people find calming music like white noise or ocean sounds helpful to drift off to sleep.

5. Make time for family and friends

Family seated around a table having dinner

Spending a lot of time on the road can get lonely sometimes, with just you and your van. This can take a toll on your mood if left unchecked, making you feel less motivated and energetic.

Make sure you get plenty of social time with family and friends. Whether that’s calling a loved one on your break or setting aside an hour each day when you get home to catch up with your family.

Speaking to your loved ones can be a real mood booster, especially if you find yourself having a bad day. By prioritising social time, you’ll also make a real difference in your loved ones’ lives and make them feel valued too. Everyone wins!

You could also try joining any groups or community forums for van drivers to make friends. These are a great way to help you stay connected to your industry, to chat, and just have fun.

6. Make time for yourself

Man with headphones in jogging

While it’s important to make time for friends and loved ones, it’s also important to take some time just for you.

Doing things you enjoy and embracing different hobbies is a great way to look after your mental health. You might want to learn how to play a musical instrument, speak a new language, or practice art or photography.

Doing things you love with your time away from work helps you create a better work-life balance. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular either – it could be something as simple as watching your favourite TV show.

By taking time for yourself when not driving your van, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your time off. Allowing you to return to work feeling recharged.

Here for you and your business at Vansdirect

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, with all the tips you need to maintain good health as a van driver. At Vansdirect, we’re here for both you and your business, which means we’re not just here to help you find the perfect new van lease.

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