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London Mayor's war on pollution outlines benefits of Euro 6 vans

London Mayor's war on pollution outlines benefits of Euro 6 vans

Vansdirect outlines how the war on pollution could affect your daily commute and why transferring to Euro 6 can ensure you don't continually pay a pollution charge.



New air pollution charge


Some Vans that are less than a year old may face a new air pollution charge on a daily basis in London, beginning in 2019. Whereas a significant number of older vans will be required to pay from October 2017, in the London Major's attempt to tackle pollution.


Vans that release the most harmful emissions are those that classify as not conforming to Euro 6 emissions and petrol vans pre 2006. From 8th April 2019 these vans will have to pay a daily charge to drive within Central London, announced on Tuesday by the London Major. These charges have been introduced in a desperate attempt to tackle London's growing problem with toxic air pollution. Owning a van with a euro 6 engine will negate all of these charges and ensure you are not a healthy sum of money out of pocket on a daily basis.



Major's proposal


The major has proposed to expand the charge in introducing the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) across Greater London in 2020 and up to the North and South Circular roads in 2021. It appears that eventually wherever you drive your van in London there will be a pollution charge, the simple way to avoid this charge in your diesel van is to drive a van with a Euro 6 engine.

There was also a new call for the government to announce road tax alterations and a UK wide scrappage system to remove the worst polluting vehicles from the country. Last week the London Major announced a vehicle checker database emphasising the vehicles guiltiest of pollution, these vehicles are the target of these new charges to be implemented.





It has been confirmed that a £10 T-Charge will begin in October this year, this will affect Vans over 11 years old. It has now been planned that this will be replaced by the ULEZ in central London from 8th April 2019. Diesel vans that to do not meet Euro 6 regulations will incur a daily charge of £12.50 to drive in the zone 24/7. Petrol vans that do not comply to euro 4 standards will also have to pay the ULEZ daily charge.


As mentioned previously, the ULEZ zone is very likely to expand over the coming years in the London Major's vigilant battle to reduce pollution and toxic emissions.



Do your bit


Are you doing your bit to reduce harmful emissions? Does your van comply to Euro 6 emission standards? At Vansdirect we sell a huge range of euro 6 vans that not also reduce the release of potentially harmful emissions, but also means that you'll avoid a hefty fee on a daily basis when commuting in London.



Euro 6 vans on finance


To enquire about a new Euro 6 van, Call us now on 0845 021 0444 or alternatively fill in a contact form on our website and we'll be in touch ASAP.

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