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How reliable are Vauxhall Combo vans?

How reliable are Vauxhall Combo vans?

Are Vauxhall Combo vans reliable?

The word 'reliable' can mean different things to different people. But, clearly, the van you choose, whether you drive it yourself or have it in your business fleet, has to be dependable simply because you need your vehicle so much for getting people or goods around. Breakdowns or other delays are frustrating, expensive and eat up valuable time.


Vauxhall has form (in a good way) when it comes to small vans. Its Combo model was launched back in 2012, based on the Fiat Doblo, and its current fifth generation has been described as its best yet. A leader in its class, the model is likely to be on your shortlist if you're in the market for a new van of its size, in what remains a highly competitive segment.


The Combo represents great value for money; it's functional and comfortable, with a high payload of almost 1,000kg, strong fuel efficiency, some excellent (and high-tech) safety kit and a spacious cabin. There are three trim levels, two different lengths to choose from and a single roof height, while a Crew model is also offered.


In 2021, a fully electric version is being released.


What's more, the model is a popular choice with utility firms and the Royal Mail as well as with fleet operators, so it's been consistently sought-after in the years since its release by those who need a dependable vehicle day after day, year after year.


So - is it reliable?

One respected industry website has described the Combo as having an 'enviable reputation for reliability'. It's also true that Vauxhall vans frequently pop up in 'most reliable van' surveys across the industry.


The Combo has been around for a few years now, and certainly there have be few reports of significant issues this far.


Engine choice encompasses a 1.2-litre turbo petrol version or one of three 1.5-litre diesel engines, alongside a single 1.2-litre one, all of which are known for their dependability.


What's more, the Combo uses tried-and-tested parts found in other models from the same brand, reducing the chances of problems still further.


In its research, motoring organisation RAC interviewed a Royal Mail mechanic who described the Combo as 'easily the most reliable' of three van types he'd worked on across numerous fleets, including two competitor models.


However, the same survey did find one buyer who reported that their Combo had starting problems.


But given that most independent garages have worked on a Combo at some stage, if your van does develop a problem, sorting it out should be quick and easy.


Summing up


The Vauxhall Combo isn't exactly flashy, and may not come with that many frills and extras, but instead it seems to concentrate on the things that really matter. It's a solidly reliable workhorse of a van, both for short trips across town and longer delivery trips.


As ever, though, it makes sense to go for a model that has mainly carried lighter cargo instead of constantly pushing against payload limits.


And if you're after a new vehicle for your fleet, we at Vansdirect can help, with a number of great-value Combos on offer, along with varied finance packages to suit different needs and budgets. Give us a call and chat through some options - together we can get things moving!

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