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How Big Is A Ford Transit Van?

How Big Is A Ford Transit Van?

It has a shape that most of us can identify in seconds, so it's about as recognisable as four-wheeled transport gets. Along with the Mini, original Land Rover and VW Beetle, the Ford Transit family of vans is an icon of our roads, even if the brand is no longer made in Britain. And, more than 50 years since it was launched, the Transit is still the biggest-selling vehicle of its type across Europe. So it's a model that continues to offer excellent value, and it's known for its reliability.


But would one work for your business? It's understandable that you would be wondering about the dimensions of these models, especially if you're transporting goods from one place to another and want to know how much you can comfortably carry in your vehicle.


Here, we offer a guide to the different measurements of the various Ford Transit models:


Ford Transit

This is the largest version in the family, the classic and consistent bestseller.


Dimensions are as follows for the front-wheel drive version of the our new Ford Transit Vans, apart from the L4 H3 model, which is rear or all-wheel drive:


Model type L2H2 L2H3 L3H2 L3H3 L4H3
Overall length (mm) 5531 5531 5981 5981 6704
Overall width (mm, with mirrors) 2474 2474 2474 2474 2474
Overall height (mm) 2413 -
2652 -
2411 -
2676 -
2715 -
Maximum loadspace width 1784 1784 1784 1784 1784
Maximum load volume (in cubic metres, with bulkhead) 10.0 11.2 11.5 13.0 15.1




Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is a new medium van and is an easy drive. It remains a popular choice with fleet managers and business owners. It also boasts an excellent record when it comes to reliability.


Here are the dimensions for this model in the Transit Custom line-up:

Model type L1H1 L1H2 L2H1 L2H2
Overall length (mm) 4973 4973 5340 5340
Overall width (mm, with mirrors) 2272 2272 2272 2272
Overall height (mm) 1925 -
2286 -
1922 -
2285 -
Maximum loadspace width 1775 1775 1775 1775
Maximum load volume (in cubic metres, with bulkhead) 6.0 7.2 6.8 8.3




Ford Transit Connect

At the more compact end of the spectrum, our Ford Transit Connect still offers a decent amount of space. It's a comfortable drive, and a 2018 facelift introduced a more efficient diesel engine plus an enhanced exterior, with the inside tech taken from Ford's passenger cars. These aspects help the Connect stand out in what remains a competitive market.

Model type L1 L2 DCiVL1 (Crew Van) L1 Crew Van L2
Overall length (mm) 4425 4825 4425 4825
Overall width (mm, with mirrors folded) 1967 1967 1967 1967
Overall height (mm) (unladen) 1830 1828 1819 1820
Maximum loadspace width at floor (mm) 1543 1496 1533 1496
Maximum cargo volume (in cubic metres) behind bulkhead 2.6 -
3.2 -
- -




Ford Transit Courier

This is the 'baby' of the Transit range, but still packs a punch with a compact package and more carrying space than you may have thought. Available in three trims, it only comes as a two-seater. First sold in 2013, the Ford Transit Courier was freshened up in 2019. It's ideal for getting around town, and if you need something that's a doddle to park.


This version of the Transit comes in just one size:

Overall length (mm) 4157
Overall width (mm, with mirrors) 2112


(1991 when folded)

Overall height (mm) 1770 (without roof rails)
Loadspace width (between wheel arches, mm) 1012
Cargo volume (in cubic metres, with flexible bulkhead) 2.4 - 2.6


With quite a bit of variety on offer, we're confident you should be able to find a Ford Transit Van Lease Deal that suits what you need pretty easily. At Vansdirect, we have access to a great line-up of Transits, and can chat you through the various options if you're not sure which model would best suit the needs of your fleet or business. At the same time, we offer a great choice of finance packages to make your Transit affordable, including van leasing, contract hire and hire purchase. Interested? Simply fill in a contact form or call us on 0800 169 6995 to get the ball rolling today!

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