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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

Four reasons to add ply-lining to your new van

Four reasons to add ply-lining to your new van

Your new van is an asset to your business and it is important to maintain the value of the highly valuable asset, one way of doing so is with van ply-lining. Vansdirect reveals four reasons to consider ply-lining for your new van


Why should I consider ply-lining my new van?



The damage to your load area as a result of scratches and dints may first appear minimal, however with the protect paint and primer removed from your new van, there is an increased likelihood that the van will erode and rust. Once a panel begins to rust, that problem can soon become worse, panels lose structural integrity whilst your van loses value.


Four reasons to ply-line your new van


1. Maintain the value of the van for longer

A van can be a significant investment for any business and regardless of which van finance option you opt for, it is important to protect your investment. Depending on the type of van finance option that you decide on can mean different implications for your business. A drop in value as a result of damages can lead to hefty costs in contract hire deals, can mean that the final value of the van will drop below the final balloon payment in finance lease deals and hence the sale of the van will not cover the final payment, or mean less money for the van when it comes to selling at the end of its useful life if you've taken out a hire purchase deal and hence own the van at the end of the contract. Ply-lining helps to maintain the van's value, regardless of which option you choose.


2. Lengthen the useful life of the van

Protecting your van from scratches and dints not only helps to maintain the value of the van for longer, it can also lengthen the useful life of the van. After making a significant investment in a van, it is important to get as much use out of the van as possible. Ply-lining your new van protects the panels, prevents damage if your load is not fully secured or breaks free, it also protects from and scrapes and scratches that may be caused during loading or unloading of cargo, even the smallest of scratches can lead to rusting.


3. Prevent internal damage and leaks to the van

If panels erode as they are not protected by van ply-lining, it will have a negative impact on the level of protection offered by the van. Rain, dirt and debris can get through holes that have been formed. This not only worsens the problem of rusting but it can also mean damage cause to the valuable items stored or transported in the back of your van. Whether you'll use your van for parcel deliveries, transporting your tools to the job, or anything else, van ply-lining helps to protect your products and cargo in the load area.


4. Reduce expensive repair costs

Once damage has been done to your van, it'll cost you to pay for repairs to stop the damages getting worse. These can be expensive and if this is a regular occurrence it can be a significant regular outlay for your business. Ply-lining your van can reduce or even eliminate many of these repair costs, saving you both money and van downtime.


New vans on finance

Looking for a new van on finance? Also interested in ply-lining? Vansdirect has a massive range of brand new vans in stock, with flexible van finance options including van leasing, contract hire and hire purchase, ply-lining is also an option on all of our brand new vans! Get your new vans direct from Vansdirect, get the ball rolling by simply filling in a contact form online or calling us on 0800 169 69 95, we also offer cars!

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