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Ford and Volkswagen to partner on vans and pickups

Ford and Volkswagen to partner on vans and pickups

Ford vans and Volkswagen vans have announced details of their partnership at the 2019 Detroit Motor Show, which will involve the two iconic brands teaming up on a host of new vehicles starting with pick-ups and vans for the global market.


Ford and Volkswagen Global Alliance

The partnership between Ford vans and Volkswagen vans previously revealed in 2018 will see them collaborate firstly on pick-ups and vans for the global market, whilst also planning to develop electric vehicles, autonomous cars and mobility solutions together.


New pick-up

The first vehicle produced as a result of the Global Alliance is expected to be available in 2022 and will take the form of a medium-sized pick-up built by Ford vans, namely the next generation Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok pick-ups! CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Herbet Diess commented: "The successor of the Volkswagen Amarok will share a Ford platform. It will be marketed worldwide and especially in Europe, Latin America and possibly the US." The two new pick-ups will also share engines, however CEO of Ford Jim Hackett was quick to stress that both new models would have their own "identity" and "go to market strategy".


Following the development of a medium-sized pick-up, Ford vans are planning on designing and building larger vans for both themselves and Volkswagen vans to sell, whilst Volkswagen vans will engineer and manufacture a smaller, city sized van for both brands.


Optimising cost efficiencies

Volkswagen vans and Ford vans sold 1.2 million vans and other light commercial vehicles on a global scale in 2018, whilst the pick-up segment of the market has enjoyed significant growth in the last five years. Ford vans and Volkswagen vans and expect to improve their financial results by 2023 by sharing development costs, leveraging manufacturing capabilities and optimising cost efficiencies. In doing so, this will become the "highest-volume collaboration" in the commercial vehicle sector.


Autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and mobility services

It wasn't just commercial vehicles where the two iconic brands are teaming up, Ford and the Volkswagen Group also signed a memorandum of understanding (a nonbinding precursor to a contact) to "investigate collaboration" in the areas of autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and mobility services. Ford and Volkswagen confirmed they would be "considering additional vehicle programs in the future", certainly leaving the door opening for more collaborations further down the line.


Improve competitiveness

Hackett commented that the alliance between the two companies would "drive significant efficiencies and help both companies improve their fitness" Diess commented that the two companies would make us of "complementary market positions". He then added that the alliance would "be a cornerstone for our drive to improve competitiveness". The partnership will be governed by a joint committee led by Diess and hacket.


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