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What does the Euro 6 regulation mean for van drivers?

What does the Euro 6 regulation mean for van drivers?

The European Emission Standards were originally implemented in the 1990's in order to reduce air pollution - especially in urban areas. The legislation was intended mainly for larger vehicles like trucks and buses but also applies to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.


In just a couple of months' time, all new vehicles sold in the UK must comply with strict new Euro 6 emissions regulations.



Euro 6 regulations


Euro 6 regulations will force vans to emit 55% less nitrogen dioxide (NOx) using a new process called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Using a fluid called AdBlue (also known as diesel exhaust fluid) the process breaks down the NOx into nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water.





So what is AdBlueIt's a fluid that acts as the reductant in the new process, and it costs around £15 for 10 litres. Consumption of the fluid varies between different van models. For example, a small van may achieve up to 700 miles out of a litre of AdBlue while larger vans can only expect 200-250 from the same amount. Don't forget that most Euro 6 engines are more fuel efficient, reducing consumption by 10-15%.





The added weight of the SCR technology - along with the AdBlue fluid itself - will inevitable reduce a van's payload capacity. The system, in its current iteration, is quite big - and it's estimated that depending on the size of the van, meeting Euro 6 requirements will cost about 30-80kg in payload.





Fleet operators with a large carbon footprint should at least consider the potential savings that would come with lower carbon emissions. There are mooted changes for van road tax in 2018, and if the government decide to move to an emission-based system then there's another financial incentive.


New London Mayor Sadiq Khan is attempting to bring forward the implementation of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) from 2020. This proposed zone will allow only Euro 6 compliant vehicles to enter free-of charge. Finally, there's the most important reason of all - protecting the environment!



Euro 6 implementation


Some van manufacturers are already offering Euro 6 compliant vehicles - the Mercedes Sprinter has been compliant since 2013! Other compliant vans include the Ford Transit and Volkswagen Crafter. Officially, the regulation comes into force in September 2016 and all new vans sold from that point on must be compliant.


Want to know more about Euro 6, or are you looking for a Euro 6 van? Give us a call on 0845 021 0444 or enquire online and we'll get right back to you!


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