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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

Euro 6 engines - new Renault van range

Euro 6 engines - new Renault van range

Renault has enhanced its entire van range to bring them in line with Euro 6 regulations. The Renault van range comprises of the Kangoo, Trafic and Master and now produces lower emissions. Some models will even offer extra power and enhanced fuel efficiency.


The changes are being implemented ahead of emissions regulation changes in September this year.



Renault updates its van range to Euro 6


Renault's small van, the Kangoo, meets the new regulations using a different type of process. A nitrogen dioxide (NOx) trap, as opposed to the 'selective catalytic reduction (SCR)' system, is used to reduce emissions.


Other changes include Stop/Start technology and braking energy recovery as standard on all Maxi models, increasing fuel economy to a claimed 62.8mpg. More power units are scheduled to be available in early 2017.


Moving onto the medium van segment, the Renault Trafic uses the SCR system to meet Euro 6 standards. This is the one you'll have heard about - it requires additional fluid which acts as a reductant (called AdBlue) to break down the NOx produced.


Because of this, an additional tank is required which may affect fuel capacity if the fuel tank has been downsized to accommodate the AdBlue tank. Despite the reduced payload capacity, this shouldn't be a huge concern as fuel consumption is reduced by 10-15%.



Upgraded Euro 6 power outputs


The Trafic will also get upgraded power units with outputs of 95PS, 120PS, 125PS and 145PS - an enhancement of 5PS on each of the previous engines.


Like the Trafic, the larger Renault Master uses the SCR method to meet the new legislation. The existing 110PS and 130PS single turbo units perform as well as their newer replacements but the twin-turbo models both see an increase of 5PS, up to 145PS and 170PS respectively.


Across the range, a Thatcham alarm is now standard on Euro 6 models.


Check out our range of Renault vans. The large Master panel van is currently available for as little as £219pcm on a two-year hire! Call us on 0845 021 1111 or enquire online and we'll get right back to you.


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