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Euro 5 vs Euro 6 - what's the difference?

Euro 5 vs Euro 6 - what's the difference?

As you'll have heard, Euro 6 engine regulations came into force for new vans this month. Euro 6 regulations mean that all new vans sold from the first of this month must meet Euro 6 standards for exhaust emissions.


In layman's terms, this means that Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions must be no higher that 80mg/km - compared to 180mg/km for the Euro 5 standard. But how does this affect new vans in real terms?


Let's take a look at some of the Euro 6 vans in our range and compare them to their predecessors so that you can see the tangible benefits of upgrading your van.



Ford Transit Custom Euro 6 Vans


There are a LOT of different variants of the Transit Custom, so we've decided to stick with the two most popular versions here. Starting with the Custom 270 125PS, there are a lot of improvements across the board. Previously, the Custom was powered by a 2.2-litre engine which has been replaced by a 2-litre version for Euro 6 compatibility.


Don't be alarmed - Ford have still managed to improve fuel economy, power and torque. It's claimed that you'll see an improvement of almost 6miles per gallon, at least 5PS extra power, 20Nm extra torque and a reduction in CO2 emissions of almost 30g/km. It's a similar story for the 290 155PS model; fuel economy is enhanced by the same margin while power output is boosted by 15PS to 170PS and torque by 20Nm.


Due to the new AdBlue technology adding to the gross vehicle weight of the van, axle ratings have been altered so that payloads do not suffer. As a result, payloads are the same as the previous generation.

Ford Transit Custom



Peugeot Boxer Euro 6 Vans


Peugeot have also made some excellent improvements to what was already a popular choice in the large van segment. The previous Euro 5 Boxer used a 2.2-litre engine which like the Transit Custom has been downgraded to a 2-litre unit. Power output remains the same on the Euro 6 Boxer, the most popular version being the 130PS. Torque is improved from 320Nm to 350Nm while the engine should deliver an extra 5.6mpg on previous models.


Again, payload is unaffected with the Boxer still capable of carrying a minimum 1155kg of cargo. Finally, CO2 emissions are cut by 22g/km, bringing the figure down to 158g/km.



Citroen Berlingo Euro 6 Vans


The Berlingo has also made some significant gains when compared to the Euro 5 model. Our most popular model is the Enterprise, and it's this particular variant we'll be looking at. Citroen have opted to stick with the 1.6-litre unit for the Euro 6 models and as such, power output also remains the same at 75PS.


However, the enhancements that Citroen have achieved are significant. Fuel economy is boosted by almost 10mpg, there's an extra 45Nm maximum torque, an extra 10kg payload while emissions are reduced by 19g/km to 112g/km.

Citroen Berlingo



Volkswagen Transporter Euro 6 Vans


Volkswagen have had Euro 6 compliant Transporters available for some time - way ahead of the new regulations coming into force. This could go some way to explaining the lack of changes between Euro 5 and Euro 6 models, at least compared to the other new vans in this list.


Like the Berlingo, the engine is the same - in this case a 2-litre unit. There's no extra torque either, and the 102PS version has survived the new regulations. Move up a level to the 140PS engine and you'll find it's been replaced by a 150PS version.


There are benefits in regard to fuel economy and emissions; the T30 102PS model boasts an excellent combined economy for the medium van segment of 47.1mpg (compared to 42.2 previously) while emissions have been reduced from 176 to 164g/km. The new 150PS unit doesn't improve dramatically - you'll get a claimed 2.4 additional miles per gallon and emit 5g/km less than the 140PS Euro 5 engine.



Peugeot Partner Euro 6 Vans


You may be wondering why we didn't lump the Partner in with its sibling, the Berlingo. It's because we are looking at a different power unit - the new 100PS engine option. This new Euro 6 compliant engine has replaced the older 92PS unit for a power boost of 8PS.


This translates to an additional 39Nm of torque, a reduction in emissions of 20g/km, enhanced fuel economy giving you an extra 9.1 miles per gallon. Payload is almost the same - the new Euro 6 models can carry 4kg more than their predecessors.

Peugeot Partner



Euro 6 compliant vans


If you'd like to know more about Euro 6 compliant vans, simply give us a call on 0845 021 0444 or make an online enquiry.

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