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Electric Van Charging Tips

Electric Van Charging Tips

So, you’ve bought an electric van and now you are probably wondering about charging. While electric van charging is considerably cheaper than petrol or diesel – you’ll want to make the most out of your range.

From only charging your battery to 80%, to the time of day you charge. We’ve rounded up our top 10 electric van charging tips.

Interested in learning more about charging your electric van? Read our complete guide to electric van charging.


Our top 10 electric van charging tips


1. Don’t charge the battery to 100%

It might be tempting to charge your electric van’s battery to 100% but did you know it’s better to only charge to 80%? For optimum battery performance, charge your battery from 20% to 80%. This is quicker than charging the battery to 100% due to the nature of how the battery works.


2. Download electric vehicle charging station apps

There are plenty of smartphone apps available to locate your nearest electric van charging points.

Some of the most popular include Zapmap and Pod Point. But many electric charging providers also provide apps. As well as locating your nearest charging station, you can also filter by the types of chargers available e.g. fast or rapid.

Many apps also allow you to pay for your charging so all you need to do when you get there is plug in.


3. Charge at home overnight

If you have a home charging station, you can take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs at night. Energy rates are generally less expensive at nighttime and many electric vans will allow you to schedule charging. You can also set the maximum charge amount so that when your van reaches 80% it will automatically stop charging.


4. Drive more economically

A lot of new electric vans are equipped with an eco-mode to help you maximise range. We would always recommend using this to get the best possible driving range. Also limit speeding - and heavy braking - as both can reduce your precious range.


5. Keep your EV cool

When your electric van becomes too hot or cold, the battery performance can be affected. In the winter months, keep your van in a garage if possible, or an underground carpark. Likewise in summer, keep your van in the shade away from direct sunlight.


6. Stay away from fast chargers

While fast chargers might seem like a quick solution to get back on the road, overuse can negatively impact the lifespan of your battery. This is because a large amount of energy is quickly transferred into your van, which can lead to long term battery damage.


7. Don’t let your battery completely run out before charging

Don’t let your electric van’s battery run completely dry before plugging in. We would recommend charging when your battery reaches 20% so you aren’t ever caught out on the road. This will also prolong the long-term health of the battery.


8. Avoid peak charging times

If you head to a charging station during the day, you could end up waiting longer and paying more for the privilege. If you can, try to charge during off-peak times and benefit from lower prices and less waiting around.


9. Limit charging every night

It might be tempting to charge your electric van every night, especially if you have a home charging point installed. But it’s advisable not to as this can degrade the battery. For optimum performance, maintain between 20% and 80% battery, and charge when it drops below this. This will help to prolong the lifespan of the battery.


10. Plan your route

Electric vehicle charging stations can be found at most supermarkets, motorway service stations, and in many carparks. Memorise where your local charging points are on your daily commute and for longer trips, plan your journey in advance.


Help throughout your entire electric van journey

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