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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!
You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

Choosing the best new van for your trade

Choosing the best new van for your trade

Your new van is your business partner, so it needs to be tailored to the exact needs of your business. Vansdirect searches all of the options available, to help you make a wise choice when you come to buy a van!



New van body types

At Vansdirect we have a wide range of new van body types to suit your requirements, including:


Panel vans

These vans are the most popular and are easily recognisable with their flat and enclosed cargo area, usually with the window sections blanked out. The majority of new vans are available as panel vans and most options are available in a number of wheelbase lengths and heights depending on your cargo carrying requirements.


Luton and box vans

Need to carry more bulky items? A Luton or box van could be the perfect choice! These usually involve a chassis and cab arrangement, with the load area essentially being a large cube. Luton vans have a cargo area which extends above the cab, whereas a box van's cargo area doesn't reach any further forward than the trailing edge of the cab. These new vans tend to be wider than panel vans, however you don't tend to find Luton vans or box vans with side doors and access to the rear is higher off the ground, so a tail-lift may come in handy!


Flat beds or pickups

Similar in theory to a box van, with the difference that a flat open-air load area is fitted instead of an enclosed load area, don't need the weather protection of a panel van? A pickup or flatbed may well be for you!


Crew vans or double cabs

Need a van to carry passengers as well as cargo? Then you'd be looking for a crew van or double cab, most double cabs have the option to fold down the rear seats for extra load area if you require.


What cabin features should I consider when I look to buy a van?



Small vans will usually include a driver's seat and room for only one passenger, whereas large vans may offer room for three, require seating for more than three? You'll need to think about a crew van or double cab when you come to buy a van.



You'll tend to get plenty of storage space in base level new vans, for drinks and vital tools. For extra equipment including sat nav and rear parking sensors etc. you'll need to check the spec of your new van or choose optional extras.


What load area features should I consider when I look to buy a van?


Steps and access

Depending on the body type of your new van, you could have a number of different types of steps available. The floor of panel vans is usually lower around rear and side doors, steps however can be added to side sills. For box vans and Luton vans, the addition of a tail lift can be useful. For flatbeds you may want to consider dropable sides that can be easily flipped down for easy loading and unloading of cargo.



The interior of your new van may be damaged by the cargo that you carry, so firstly look at tie-down options available on your new van and secondly you may want to think about protecting this interior. A popular option is ply-lining, where the interior is lined with plywood. You may also want to consider metal chequer plates for heavier jobs.



If you're shifting heavy cargo that may move around when driving then you should get a solid bulkhead, which splits the load area from the cab area. These come in many forms, certain options offer a load-through facility to extend load lengths if required.


What exterior features should I consider when I look to buy a van?



You should definitely think about the amount of security offered with your new van. Do you want central locking? Deadlocks? Slam-locks? These are all options depending on the specific needs of your trade. You may also want to consider separate locks for cab and cargo areas.



It is important to think about what you need before you come to buy a van, do you require a sliding door? Or two? Depending on the cargo that you carry, you may also want to check how far the rear doors open to.


Buy a van

Looking to buy a van for your trade? At Vansdirect we provide excellent impartial advice, as well as a range of cheap van finance options, including: van leasing, contract hire and hire purchase. Call us on 0800 169 69 95 or enquire online to get the ball rolling today!


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