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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

Alphabet unveils new online tyre service program for drivers

Alphabet unveils new online tyre service program for drivers

Taken out a van leasing agreement with van leasing company alphabet? Tyre changes will now be made easier, courtesy of their new online Tyre Replacement Portal, which works in collaboration with Kwik Fit


A first in the van leasing industry

Alphabet have become the first in the van leasing industry to unveil such a program, with van drivers being able to arrange a quick, timed booking to replace their vans tyres online or via a mobile app. Alphabet believe the new program guarantees van drivers' receiving the right tyre at the right time; eliminating time that could be spent waiting around or possible wasted journeys, as the system checks that the tyre the driver requires will be in stock when they arrive at the appointment.


Tyres fitted at home!

The service provided by the van leasing company offers corporate drivers the option of having replacement tyres fitted at their home address or business address via a mobile service or at a fast-fit centre. Not only will van drivers definitely have the specific tyres available for them at their first visit, they will also have a selection of timed appointments at the most convenient time and location for the van driver.


Convenient for repeat users

If the van driver has had their tyres replaced in the past, or used the portal in the past, it will automatically log their van's tyre size and rating to save further on time on succeeding visits.


Tyre replacement for the driver and their needs

Head of technical services at Alphabet, Kit Wisdom believes the new portal gives the driver's exactly what they need, stating:


"We've built the system to make the process as easy as possible for our customers' drivers to make sure the tyres on their vans are safe. All they need to do is enter their van's registration and then it's just a few clicks or taps on their smartphone screen and the replacement is set up. We make sure the right tyre is available at the right time and in the right location, so after a pre-arranged appointment you're good to go and back on the road."


The van leasing company also provides an educational animated film guiding van drivers through the whole process, the film also includes advice to help them check tyres for damage or wear and tear. The right tyre at the right time, Alphabet are continuing their efforts to digitise their services to van drivers.


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