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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

The 6 Best Ways to Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

The 6 Best Ways to Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

We can't help the price of fuel, however we can help you improve your fuel efficiency, check out Vansdirect's 6 best ways to improve your fuel economy and save yourself cash whilst doing so!



Vansdirect has again been thinking about ways in which we can save you, the van driver, more money when it comes to your motoring costs. Fuel consumption and efficiency plays a huge part in not only day to day business costs, but also can determine the model of van you drive and the engine size. Bigger the van, bigger the engine, the more fuel it will need in order to run daily.


Below are Vansdirect's top 6 tips to help save money and improve on your vans fuel efficiency:

  1. Pump It Up

Remember drivers should always check to make sure the tyres on any vehicle, especially your van, are pumped up correctly and this should be checked at least once a month. Tyres which are not pumped up will not only wear quicker, but they will also add some extra resistance to the steering of the vehicle. Making handling harder and burning more fuel.



  • Keep An Eye On Your Weight
Remember to ensure that you're not overloading your van. Might seem obvious when you read it, however I know a lot of us have done this at some point. More weight means less fuel economy. It also means you're liable to fines and prosecution with the police. So keep an eye on your weight.




  • Don't Be Caught By Wind Resistance
Roof loads add wind resistance and drag. This in turn will then effect fuel consumption. If you need to carry something on the roof of your van, go for the lightest and smallest roof rack possible. This will make a real difference to a vehicle where the roof rack is in permanent use.




  • Conserve Energy
Electrical devices might not immediately affect fuel efficiency, but they have to draw power from somewhere and it all leads back to the engine and battery. Remember to only turn on any electrical components on, think to yourself 'Do I really need them on?' That way you can reduce the strain on both the engine and battery equaling longer van life.




  • Its Frosty In Here
The air-conditioning system is one of the worst offenders when it comes to depleting fuel economy. This is even worse at low speeds as the engine compensates for the extra power that's needed. If you can, open your windows just enough to allow cool air. Open the windows too much, this can again create drag and as I've mentioned above, can also hit fuel consumption.




  • Stay Within The Limits
This one is simple, stick to the speed limits. This will save fuel, prevents extra pollution and avoids speeding points and fines. It's proven that by reducing your speed, this will definitely reduce your fuel bills. Driving like a nutcase always costs you more.



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