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Van theft on the rise - a guide to keeping your van and contents safe

Van theft on the rise - a guide to keeping your van and contents safe

Research conducted by VW vans has revealed that van theft has increased by 45% since 2015 with a staggering 32,056 vans stolen in that time. Vansdirect provides a guide to keeping you van and its contents safe!



Van safety and security is paramount for van owners, in protecting their livelihood and should definitely be taken into consideration when deciding which new van to invest in. Which security features do you require? What options are available to help protect your van and business?


Research conducted by VW vans revealed a 45% increase in van theft over the last four years, with nearly 10,000 van thefts recorded across the UK in the last year alone, according to official statistics from the police, representing a year-on-year rise of 4%.


So, what can be done to combat the van theft epidemic?

VW vans are advising van owners and managers of van fleets to ensure their new vans are equipped with the latest anti-theft devices as well as removing tools from their vans at nighttime.


Where is van theft most common?

  • Of the 9,371 reported van thefts in the last year, over half were recorded by the Metropolitan Police with 4,777 vans stolen in that area, an increase of 15%.
  • The largest increase in van thefts over the last year was recorded in Leicestershire with 10 times more vans stolen in 2018/2019 that records for the previous year!
  • Van thefts in North Wales doubled whilst West Yorkshire also saw a staggering increase of 67% over the last year.
  • West Yorkshire was the second highest area overall with 931 thefts followed by West Midlands with 409, Essex with 387 and Leicestershire with 377.

Combating van theft

Alongside the advice from VW vans above, at Vansdirect we've come up with 5 top tips to help protect yourself from becoming the latest victim of van theft.


Vansdirect's 5 Top Tips


1. Be aware of van theft!

In case of the unfortunate event that you do become a victim of theft, make sure you keep a record of everything that is in your van at any particular time. Keeping receipts for the most expensive equipment will also work in your favour if you do need to make a claim.


2. Fit the correct security equipment

You need to look at the best way to protect your van and deter thieves from your van. Slam locks and trackers are two popular solutions, but you may also want to consider bulkheads to stop access to the load area from the front doors, as well as deadlocks, alarms and immobilisers.


3. Protect your keys

The level of security on modern vans can make it difficult for thieves to break in through the locks of the vans, so some thieves may target your keys instead. Ensure they are kept out of sight and in a safe place at all times.


4. Park in a practical area

If you have a drive or garage it is recommended to use these to park your van. However, if you are going to leave the van overnight or for a long period of time, if possible park it next to an occupied building in a well-lit area. This isn't fool proof, as thieves have been reported breaking into vans in broad daylight wearing high-visibility clothes, but it will undoubtedly reduce the chances of your van being broken into.


5. Glazing and branding - is it required?

As much as heavy branding is good publicity for your business, it may not always be a good idea. The branding may actually advertise the content of your van to thieves. In regards to glazing; while it may be useful for your visibility, it also allows potential thieves to look into the van with ease. So, if you're going to leave vital and expensive tools in the van then you should think twice about glazing. Or if glazing is an essential addition to your van, take precautions to hide any expensive items.


New vans for sale

At Vansdirect we have a huge range of new vans for sale, fitted with the latest in modern security technologies, available with a range of cheap van finance options depending on what best suits your needs, including: van leasing, contract hire and hire purchase. Call us now on 0800 169 69 95 or enquire online and we'll help you find the best new van for your needs!


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