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The 5 best pickups for payload 2019

The 5 best pickups for payload 2019

Payload is hugely important for those who operate a pickup, especially as the DVSA continues to crack down on overloading. Vansdirect takes a look at the top 5 pickups for sale for payload!


Top 5 pickups for sale for payload

Whilst all of the big hitters in the new pick-up market hit the one-tonne threshold required for taxation purposes, there is still a variation of approximately 200kg between the lowest and highest pick-up payloads on the market.


Here are the top 5 pickups for sale for payload!


5. Mercedes X-Class pickup - 1,087kg

Mercedes vans for sale


The newest entry into the pickup segment takes fifth place on the list. Despite using the same platform as the Nissan Navara, additional equipment, wider track and sound dampening means that the new Mercedes X-Class adds approximately 250kg of weight on top of the Navara. However Mercedes vans have also updated the suspension and brakes so that the Mercedes X-Class is also able to carry more and as a result it creeps into the top 5.


4. Isuzu D-Max pickup - 1,126kg

isuzu d-max


When the Isuzu D-Max first joined the market in 2012 it became the second pickup truck to offer a 3.5-tonne towing capacity after the Ford Ranger. The newest model continues the joint class-leading towing capacity and also ranks well in terms of payload, with base level Utility models offering payloads up to 1,126kg.


3. Toyota Hilux pickup - 1,130kg

Toyota Hilux pickup truck


A small jump of 4kg from fourth to third place in the rankings, the Toyota Hilux double cab in base level Active trim can accommodate payloads up to 1,130kg, despite the fact that Hilux single cab and Hilux extended cab models are capable of higher payloads. The Hilux also boasts a towing capacity of 3.5-tonnes, making it an excellent all-rounder.


2. Volkswagen Amarok pickup - 1,154kg

Volkswagen Amarok pickups for sale


International pickup of the year 2018 and winner of the pickup prize at the 2018 Business van of the year awards sponsored by Vansdirect, the VW Amarok is a multiple award winning pickup truck, however it is the only vehicle on our top 5 list not able to tow 3.5-tonnes. The 3,290kg gross vehicle weight of the VW Amarok is the highest in the segment, allowing the Amarok to cater for payloads up to 1,154kg.


1. Ford Ranger pickup - 1,217kg

New Ford Ranger Wildtrak pickups for sale


In 2017, Ford vans increased the gross vehicle weight of the iconic Ford Ranger double cab from 3,195kg to 3,270kg, giving it an additional 75kg of carrying capacity in the back. The new Ford Ranger double cab XL is capable of carrying payloads up to 1,217kg giving it the best payload in the segment by a significant margin (more than 60kg).


New pickups for sale

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