July 04, 2019

7 things you need to take when travelling abroad

Driving abroad

Looking to take your new van abroad? Vansdirect reveals 7 things you should take with you to make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality when driving abroad.

Driving abroad with your new van

Rules and regulations vary from country to country and whilst some of the items mentioned on this list are not legal requirements, they will help to prepare you for everything that can possibly be thrown at you when driving abroad.

Here are 7 things you should take with you when driving abroad:

1. Dash cam

Dash cams are incredibly handy to have when driving in the UK particularly in the event of an accident and can also reduce the cost of your van insurance premium. They’re also handy to have when driving abroad, with a potential language barrier to overcome in the event of an accident, it can help to have footage as proof of what has happened.

2. First aid kit

It’s always a good idea to carry a first aid kit with you in your van, even for items such as plasters if you do happen to cut yourself when loading and unloading cargo. This is also the case when driving abroad, where you may not be familiar with the area and where it would be best to get hold of these items.

3. Safety warning triangle

This is not only a handy piece of equipment for alerting other road users of your van’s presence when pulled over, it is also compulsory in most European countries and hence you’ll need this on board before going anywhere.

4. High visibility vest

Similar purpose as the safety warning triangle, the high visibility vest helps you be seen particularly if you exit your vehicle at night when pulled over on the hard shoulder. There must be one for each passenger.

5. Ice scraper

In colder conditions you’d be foolish not to be carrying an ice scraper with you in your van. There are many myths and theories for the best way to clear ice off your van, however the ice scraper is a tried and tested tool which is proven to do the trick.

6. De-icer

Working well alongside the ice scraper is de-icer, which speeds up the process of removing ice from your van. It’s handy to always keep this in your van, particularly in colder climates and winter climates.

7. Washer fluid

It’s always useful to have this handy just in case you happen to run out. Again this is particularly useful when driving abroad and further afield as you may not know the area and where the nearest petrol station or garage is.

This is not an exhaustive list and dependant on the country that you are visiting you may require other items of equipment, for example a GB car sticker if you don’t have a GB Euro number plate is compulsory in Europe as well as all of the usual documentation (be sure to check all the documentation you’ll require well in advance of your trip).

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