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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!
You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

Be smart - Protect your new van from theft!

Be smart - Protect your new van from theft!

Your van is your livelihood and your business partner, with van theft at an all-time high, Vansdirect advises how you can protect your van from theft.


Threat of Van theft

Figures obtained from the police suggest that in the UK, a van is broken into and vital tools are stolen every 23 minutes! These figures have increased by approximately two-thirds over the past two years.


It is speculated that a 'skeleton key' which is being sold online is partly responsible for these staggering and particularly worrying theft figures. The skeleton key is a legal tool which locksmiths use; which means they are currently available to the general public, despite growing demand for this to change.


Examples of victims of theft as a result of the skeleton key include: Builder Spencer Hargrave from West Yorkshire, who had approximately £1500 worth of vital tools stolen in December 2015 and his workmate Paul Butterfield who had tools stolen just two months later.


Combating theft

Van and tool safety and security should be a priority for all van owners and shouldn't be taken for granted when storing tools that are vitally important to your business and should be taken into account when deciding which new van to invest in.


Be Wise

Should you happen to be a victim of theft, make sure you are aware of everything that is in your van at all times and receipts for particularly expensive items may be useful should you need to make a claim! Make sure all of your staff who come into contact with the van are also aware of the threat of theft and know how to best combat it,



A large majority of new vans come with a bulkhead fitted as standard, others allow you to add it as an optional extra. The bulkhead will stop access to the load area via the front doors, making it more difficult for thieves to access your vital tools. The Bulkhead can also keep your vital cargo out of sight.



Deadlocks offer an extra locking point to the door which they are fitted on, working independently to the van manufacturer's locking system using locking keeps or brackets depending on the make and model of van.


Alarms and Immobilisers

You may also want to consider Alarms and immobilisers for your new van, if these are not fitted as standard. This will protect your van from being stolen, as the engine will not run unless the correct key is fitted. Most new vans have Thatcham Category 2 approved alarms and immobilisers fitted as standard, a vital component in keeping your van and tools safe from theft.



Think about the rear doors, do you really need glazing? The glazed rear doors allow thieves to see what is stored in the van and despite being useful for your visibility, if you're going to keep valuable tools in your van then glazing should definitely be reconsidered. Also twin side loading doors are a useful accessory, but are they a necessity for your business? If so, make sure both doors are firmly secure.



You may also want to think about modifying your van to reduce the threat of theft, lockable toolboxes for your most valuable of tools and upgraded deadlocks and slam locks are all useful ways of doing this.



GPS trackers significantly increase the chances that your van is recovered if it has been stolen, not only can they locate the vehicle, they can notify the police about any theft and help to reduce your insurance premiums.



Make sure you have insurance and the right insurance, new van insurance doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. At Vansdirect we are lucky to have an affiliation with Autonet insurance where you can get a discounted rate when purchasing a new van from us.


New van finance

We have a wide range of new vans in stock, available with the latest and most advanced security technology with a variety of flexible finance options which best suit your needs, including: Hire purchase, van leasing and contract hire. Call us now on 0845 021 0444 or enquire online and we'll find the van that best suits your security needs!

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