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Celebrating Clean Air Day 2024 at Vansdirect

Celebrating Clean Air Day 2024 at Vansdirect

June 20th marks Clean Air Day in the United Kingdom. To celebrate, we’re looking at all the ways electric vans can help you do your bit.

  • Clean Air Day falls every year on the third Thursday of June in the UK. An event shared in schools, workplaces, and many organisations to raise awareness of air pollution.
  • Both an environmental and a health issue, Clean Air Day aims to educate everyone on how they can help reduce air pollution.
  • The motor industry is the biggest source of air pollution, hence the growing movement towards electric vehicles.
  • Making the switch to an electric van will benefit you, your business, and the environment in many ways.


It’s Clean Air Day, and we’re celebrating at Vansdirect with a look at electric vans. More specifically, how making the switch to an electric van plays an important role in achieving clean air.

Read on for how you can help contribute to a cleaner environment – and reap the rewards!

What is Clean Air Day?

Clean Air Day is an annual awareness day dedicated to raising awareness of air pollution. It encourages people nationwide to recognise the importance of clean air for our health and the environment.

Established by the Global Action Plan charity in 2017, the event also emphasises the detrimental impacts of pollution. A subject that’s becoming even more important as the focus on both human and environmental health intensifies.

So, how can you do your bit and contribute to Clean Air Day? As a van driver, the most effective thing would be to switch to an electric van.

How do electric vans reduce air pollution?

Electric vans, along with other types of electric vehicles (EVs), are completely eco-friendly. This is because they produce none of the harmful CO2 and NOx emissions that petrol or diesel vans do.

Powered by an electric battery and one or more electric motors, there’s no fuel burned or fumes created. Instead, the battery will provide energy to the electric motors to help turn the wheels of the van.

Since there is no engine churning away under the hood, electric vans also help to reduce noise pollution. The electric motor produces minimal noise, making for a more peaceful environment when passing by.

There are different types of electric vans, making them suitable for a range of business uses.

What are some other benefits of electric vans?

With an electric van, it’s not just the environment that benefits, but everyone. Switching to an electric van allows you to:

1. Lower your running costs.

2. Prepare for the petrol and diesel vehicle ban.

3. Benefit from government grants and incentives such as the Plug-in Van Grant (PiVG).

4. Enjoy lower maintenance costs.

5. Enjoy more convenience thanks to advanced technology.

Read more on these in our article on five reasons why you should make the switch to an electric van.

How else can I contribute to Clean Air Day?

Switching to an electric van is by far the most impactful way to contribute towards cleaner air. Not just for a day, but for the whole future.

Other ways you can contribute to Clean Air Day include:

  • Introducing a sustainable fleet in your business and educating your drivers.
  • Encourage sustainable energy use in your workplace. From using energy-efficient appliances to implementing energy-waste solutions.
  • Raise awareness in your workplace about the importance of Clean Air Day and how it is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Get involved in your local community to support clean air initiatives such as tree planting and creating green spaces.


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