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Renault Master ZE revealed with range of van fleet solutions!

Renault Master ZE revealed with range of van fleet solutions!

Renault vans have revealed a new all-electric version of the largest model in their new van range the Renault Master. The new Renault Master ZE is designed for Zero Emissions urban deliveries and features a whole host of van fleet technology!


New Renault Master ZE

The Renault Master ZE joins the Renault Kangoo ZE and Renault Twizy Cargo in the Renault vans electric vans range, however the Master is significantly larger! The Master ZE is said to have been designed for the 'first mile' of local urban deliveries and has been revealed at a time where cities are scrutinising emissions of diesel and petrol engines more so than ever before, with the introduction of the London T-Charge and some European cities even looking to announce diesel 'no-go' zones.


Powering the Renault Master ZE

The Renault Master ZE will feature advanced lithium-ion battery technology, with a 33kWh battery unit that was developed with the purpose of improving energy density. The battery will be placed where the gearbox of diesel Renault Master models would be forwards and below the floor of the load area, this means that load capacity is unaltered from the traditional Renault Master van. Working in conjunction with a R75 electric motor from Renault vans, the Master ZE has an output of 74ps and can reach 62 miles per hour. You can also opt for a special 'Eco mode' to save energy, reducing the top speed of the Master ZE to 50 miles per hour. Renault vans have claimed that the Master ZE can achieve a real world driving range of approximately 74 miles.


What Renault Master ZE models will be available?

The Master ZE will be available in three load lengths and two roof heights, with load volumes ranging between 8.0 and 13.0 cubic metres. Payloads will range between 1.0 and 1.1 tonnes across the Master ZE range, Renault vans have also revealed that there will be two platform cab versions of the Master ZE available.


Renault Master ZE perfect for van fleets

Renault vans have introduced the next generation of fleet management with the Master ZE. EasyConnect software and on-board van telematics will give fleet managers the opportunity to monitor all vans and check the location of each van, mileage, range and nearby charging points. Any issues with any of the vans including flat tyres or upcoming servicing can be passed to the fleet manager. To make van fleet maintenance quicker and easier, the EasyConnect system has the capability to send messages to a Renault dealership is any of the vans are due for a service.


Renault vans have boasted that van fleet managers using the system will enjoy decreased running costs and lower consumption, have greater ease in planning and managing servicing, making it easier to manage their van fleet. The system will also make it easier for van fleets to encourage eco-responsible van driving, whilst reducing emissions and improving behaviour behind the wheel on a whole.

First deliveries of the Renault Master ZE are expected near the end of 2018.


Renault vans on finance

It'll be a little while until we see the Renault Master ZE on the UK's roads, however at Vansdirect we have a HUGE range of new vans in stock and ready to go, including the Renault vans range and the award winning Renault Trafic van! All of our new vans are available with a plethora of flexible and cheap van finance options to suit your requirements, including van leasing, contract hire and hire purchase. Looking for a new van? Get your new vans direct from Vansdirect, Call us on 0800 169 69 95 or enquire online and we'll get back to you asap, we also offer cars!

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