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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

The 5 best ways to keep your DPF clean!

The 5 best ways to keep your DPF clean!

With emissions regulations tightening by the day, diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are common place in diesel vans to collect the soot when a diesel engine is burned and prevent harmful emissions. Vansdirect outlines the five best ways to keep them clean!


Diesel Particulate Filters

DPFs provide a significant benefit to the environment, however the cost of regenerations, repairs, or even replacement can cost a hefty amount. Whichever new van you have, the process is the same: exhaust gases go through the filter leaving large particles of soot behind, these particles can cause significant problems. The soot may block your filter, stopping you engine from running and leaving you with a significant repair bill.


To stop a blockage, the soot needs to burn at a temperature that is high enough to alter it into smaller particles of ash, which can then be released from the system. When this 'regeneration' or cleaning phase is disturbed is where the majority of problems occur with DPFs.


Here are the five best ways to keep your DPF clean!


1. Drive Faster

You don't need to check your eyes here, completely in contrary to popular belief, driving at higher speeds may actually save you money in the long run. For DPFs to undergo the regeneration process a number of conditions need to be achieved, including: speed, RPM and engine temperature. If not all of these conditions are met, then the process of regeneration will not start. We recommend doing some research on your particular van and finding out at what speed you need to drive and for how long and at how many RPM.


2. Use the correct oil

Choosing the correct oil for your new van is crucial in guaranteeing that your new van engine produces the least amount of diesel particulate matter possible. Try to ensure you use manufacturer approved engine oil.


3. Check your EGR valve

Your Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve can become obstructed over time with soot and carbon that they are designed to recirculate. This may lead to the valve sticking open for longer than it should, increasing particulates, carbon and soot to be fed back into your engine. Hopefully if your EGR valve isn't working properly, then the engine warning light should show, however if you have undergone previous DPF problems we recommend getting the EGR valve inspected before you have to fork out for any further DPF regenerations.


4. Avoid busy towns and cities

The start and stop driving associated with busy urban driving is one of the most significant reasons that many new van drivers have problems with their DPF. Driving short distances at low speeds and the constant stopping and starting that can be present in built up areas make it incredibly difficult to achieve the conditions required for an active or passive DPF regeneration. You may want to vary your route and use some faster or less congested roads to increase your opportunity for regeneration.


5. Buy the right van

Some vans and engines may be more rife to DPF issues than others, before investing into a new van you may want to do your research on the best options available for your requirements. Or taking into account your driving requirements, you may be best placed looking into an alternative fuel method, either petrol or electric. We have a team of experts at Vansdirect who will be able to advise you best depending on your requirements.


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