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You won't get a better deal anywhere else!

5 Benefits of leasing a new pickup truck

5 Benefits of leasing a new pickup truck

Most commercial vehicle operators will have at least thought at some point about acquiring a pickup truck. It's no surprise - pickups offer an attractive blend of power, capability, convenience and looks. The choice of pickups for sale is higher than ever before, Vansdirect reveals five reasons you should consider one!


In the same way, a lot of these prospective pickup operators end up opting for something else. Whether that's a crossover, SUV or a plain old car, nothing can replicate the all-round ability of a pickup truck.


So what are the benefits of a pickup truck?


Here are five reasons you should buy one.


1. Capacity

If you're considering a pickup truck, chances are that you'll have a need to haul or tow big weights. Most pickups offer a payload/towing capacity combination of 1-tonne payload along with a 3-tonne towing capacity. These figures will differ between models. With the ability to move such big weights, the possibilities are endless. You can transport furniture, a boat, hardcore or even other vehicles.


2. Accomodation

Pickups generally come in three sizes. Single cab models are as you'd expect with front seats only. Doublecab models are more car-like in layout with rear seating that allows you to carry more passengers. Somewhere in between there are 'mid-cab' models (manufacturers tend to name them differently - think 'super cab' or 'extra cab') which have limited space behind the front seats. While this space can accommodate passengers you should always check this before buying. At the very least you have some options so you can use your pickup as intended or 'double up' and use it as both a working and family vehicle.


3. Weather

One of the defining features of a pickup is all-weather and all-terrain driving ability. Pickups can handle pretty much conditions, owing in part to four-wheel drive capability and a significantly higher ride height. Approaching a ford? No problem. Snow on the way? Bring it on. Pickups can also drive on different types of terrain, so if you have to visit a muddy construction site or drive in the countryside, grip won't be a problem.


4. Safety

Vehicle safety is important no matter what you are driving, and as such, modern vehicles all come fitted with various safety implementations. As always with vehicles, safety features can differ wildly between models so check what comes with the pickup you are buying. What's more, pickups are big and heavy which means that in the event of a collision or accident then you have a better chance of walking away unscathed.


5. Luxury

As with any model range, levels of luxury will differ. Having said that, the standard levels of equipment in today's pickups are generally good. Being as they are also used as passenger vehicles, this comes as no surprise. Think heated seats, air conditioning, cruise control, digital radio, alloy wheels, reversing camera, satellite navigation you get the idea. Always check the features that are included with your new pickup when you buy.


Pickups for sale

We have a massive range of pickups for sale, including the new Ford Ranger, new Mitsubishi L200 and new Mercedes X-Class, with cheap van finance options available including van leasing, van contract hire and van hire purchase! Call Vansdirect on 0800 169 69 95 or enquire online today before they're all gone!



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