April 27, 2017

New van technology – what’s next?

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With every year that passes, there are new advances in technology. Ten years ago, smartphones were less common, and mp3 players enjoyed huge popularity. Fast forward a decade and almost everybody has a smartphone, while the mp3 player has been replaced by streaming services. These advances are even in your new van.

The internet has had a big part to play. Devices of all kinds now have internet connectivity intended to enhance their convenience. Automation is becoming a huge part of our daily lives – vehicles included.

You’ll have already heard about autonomous vehicles, various implementations that connect your van and smartphone as well as digital radio. Some of these technological advancements are already in use.

But what’s next? We decided to look at some of the rumoured and upcoming technological implementations for motor vehicles.

Reversing camera

You might be thinking, “Reversing camera? That’s not new!” and you’d be right. However, this reversing camera is different. Created by three ex-Apple employees, Pearl RearVision is a rear view camera made up of three parts.

A camera frame that is attached to your number plate, a car adapter and finally an app to connect the system’s components. The camera frame is wireless, solar powered and features two HD cameras for a greater field of vision. The car adapter, which is connected to your vehicles OBD port, analyses the video stream from the frame, detects any obstacles and then notifies you by sending audible and visual alerts to the app installed on your phone. The kit comes with a mount for your smartphone and allows you to control the view from the camera. It’s currently only available in the US, however.


Google are always at the forefront of new technological developments, as we’ve seen with their autonomous vehicle project. Their Google Maps app receives constant updates, and the latest ones will make your journeys even simpler.

A small but significant change is the addition of multiple destinations. Until now, you’ve had to enter destinations one at a time, re-entering co-ordinates after every stop. Now, you can set multiple stops which is great for van users such as couriers.

Traffic light information system

Traffic lights. The bane of every motorist’s life. Think about all those times you’ve sat patiently and waited for that red light to flick to green. Well, the frustration could soon be over.

Currently scheduled for implementation in a few select passenger cars, Audi’s ‘traffic light information system’ will let you know exactly how long it will take for a red light to change. So, when you pull up for a red light you’ll see a countdown in the instrument cluster (or other dedicated display). The vehicle will receive real-time data from the traffic signals at a specific location. Technology 1, Impatience 0.

Driver assistance

Again, driver assistance technology is nothing new. Many vans already offer implementations like ‘hill start assist’ and ‘emergency braking assist’. However, rumours persist that some of next year’s new vehicles will already incorporate autonomous driving in some aspect.

One of the more intriguing developments is being called ‘Traffic Jam Assist’. This feature allows the vehicle to take control of the steering wheel at speeds of up to 37mph. The aim of this is to negate the effects of the dreaded ‘motorway jam’, one of the worst jams a driver can experience. Just think, your vehicle driving itself through the carnage while you kick back and relax. Well, not totally – you still need to be ready to take the wheel at a moment’s notice.

There have been incidents involving Tesla drivers (the company already have autonomous vehicles for sale) who have been climbing into the back of their vehicles while in ‘auto-pilot’ mode. It’s claimed that an interior camera will monitor the driver to ensure they are alert and if not, hand back control of the vehicle.

New van technology

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