October 18, 2017

London T-charge to begin next week

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There is less than one week to go until London sees the introduction of the T-charge (toxicity charge) where older, more polluting vans will have to pay to enter central London!

How will the T-charge work?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has made his plan clear to clean up London’s air, with the city again at the forefront of congestion and pollution controls. London already has the congestion charge and low emission zone in place, however the T-charge will take these controls more than a step further.

From Monday 23rd October 2017, those who drive more polluting vans will be required to pay a £10 fee if they enter the congestion charging zone of central London between 07:00 and 18:00 between Monday and Friday, this is on top of the existing congestion charge fee of £11.50.

Transport for London (TfL) has stated that the T-charge restrictions would remain the same until the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone is introduced in its place in 2019.

Worst polluting vans

Don’t panic, only the worst polluting vans will initially have to pay the London T-charge, this will be defined as vans that fail to meet Euro 4 emission standards. This essentially applies to all diesel and petrol vans built before the end of 2004. However, if you own a van that is register in 2005, it may still be eligible. Any van registered from January 1st 2006 is exempt.

Confused? It’s probably a good idea to use the online checker tool from TfL to see whether your van is exempt or not. You can also check the logbook as the emission standard your van meets may also be listed there.

How do I pay the T-charge?

You can pay the London T-charge using similar methods available for Congestion Charge payment, once the T-charge becomes active next week you’ll be able to pay online, whilst those who currently use TfL’s Autopay system for the Congestion Charge and drive a heavily polluting van will automatically be charged. Those who fail to pay the T-charge will result in a £130 fine, however this will be reduced to £65 if you pay within 2 weeks.

What’s next for London’s pollution battle?

The next stage for the pollution battle will be the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) which is due to be enforced in two years’ time, replacing the T-charge. Stricter rules will be in place so that much newer pre – Euro 6 vans will be hit with a charge, hence diesel vans registered before September 2015 will have to pay the charge. This may not just apply to central London, with Sadiq Khan suggesting the charging area may be set for more of London, with the potential of ULEZ extending all the way to North and South Circular roads of London by 2021.
It appears the T-charge is just the beginning with the potential of ULEZ to expand in area and exhaust emission standards set to be increased.

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